Frits Wentink



  • Frits Wentink has been one of The Netherlands’ most steady artists since his first release in 2012. As the head honcho of both Will & Ink and Bobby Donny, he is known for pushing quality leftfield electronic music. His innovation makes him stand out am..
    As far as defying conventions goes, Frits is on a whole new level of realness. Exploring into the world of fuzzy synths and drunk organs, all drenched in his signature and ever so dusty grooves. A little more inventive and out-there than the average house jams. Throughout releases on Heist Wolf and Bobby Donny, Frits has consistently drawn for his arsenal of synths, effects and drum machines and through doing so has stitched a sound characterized by raw drums, analogue bass tones and odd, lo-fi samples, brimming with gently wobbling piano samples, tightly swung drums and thick, brazen bass lines that continue to re-define genres.

    Selected discography

    Frits Wentink - Live Fast, Dwayne Young EP (BobbyDonny) Frits Wentink - Horses in Cornfield EP (BobbyDonny) Frits Wentink - Family Dinner EP (Heist Recordings) Frits Wentink - Rarely Pure, Never Simple LP (Wolf Music) Frits Wentink - Barry Tone EP (Triphouse Rotterdam) Frits Wentink - Mary's Pony EP (Triphouse Rotterdam)