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  • FIRST STATE is a name that has been tearing up dancefloors at clubs, festivals and events world wide, rocking radio stations on every continent,and dominating compilation tracklists and sales charts over and over again. Their releases and signature "Ba..
    FIRST STATE is a name that has been tearing up dancefloors at clubs, festivals and events worldwide, rocking radio stations on every continent, and dominating compilation tracklists and sales charts over and over again. Their releases and signature "Bashups" are regular features in live playlists and podcasts of the biggest and most influential Electronic Dance Music performers across the globe. With founder, Sander van Dien at the production heart of the duo, and renown DJ and Producer Shane Halcon added to the equation, the combined forces behind the First State duo will be elevating the name to the next level. First State are famous for multiple chart-topping hits like "Maze" , "Skies on Fire", "My Sanctuary" and many more. Their initial claim to fame was the track "Falling", that featured on Tiesto's "In Search Of Sunrise" compilation. This led to the duo making their debut performance ahead of Tiesto in Amsterdam in 2006, which subsequently led to a complete European tour that included a headlining set at Privilege in Ibiza, and another event that saw First State perform as the first ever DJ act at the O2 Arena in London. This set the duo up for a fast and steady rise in the Electronic Dance world. With two hugely talented DJs and Producers at the helm, First State are an uniquely diverse and dynamic pair that are as at home in the studio as they are behind the decks. The past 2 years have been groundbreaking for First State as both artists progressed to new heights individually and collectively, with performances at significant events such as Miami Music Week, A State Of Trance 500 (Den Bosch) & 550 (Moscow), The Official Istanbul Formula 1 Grand Prix Pre-Party, The Gallery at Ministry Of Sound, Privilege Ibiza, Monday Bar Cruise, Kazantip, and lengthy tours to Asia, Southern Africa, Scandinavia and North America, and topping it off with a monthly residency at one of Ibiza’s most famous clubs, Es Paradis. With an array of ammunition out of their Netherlands headquarters, which range from albums and compilations, to chart-topping hit singles and massive remixes and , to a weekly radio show spanning across a multitude of broadcast stations with tens of thousands of weekly listeners, there aren't many EDM fans that haven't heard the name "FIRST STATE". Bookings: [email protected] Press: [email protected]

    Selected discography

    Albums 2007 Time Frame [In Trance We Trust] 1.Reach Me 2.Where Do We Go (Featuring Tiff Lacey) 3.Rhapsody 4.Falling (Featuring Anita Kelsey) 5.Between The Notes 6.Your Own Way (Featuring Elliot Johns) 7.Half Light 8.Alter Ego 9.Evergreen 10.Sierra Nevada 2010 Changing Lanes [Magik Muzik] 1. My Sanctuary 2. Exeo 3. Surrounds Me (featuring Elliot Johns) 4. Cape Point 5. Cross The Line (featuring Relyk) 6. Mojave 7. Reverie (featuring Sarah Howells) 8. Butterfly Effect 9. Breathe On Me (featuring Elliot Johns) 10. Brave (featuring Sarah Howells) 11. Primate 12. As You Were Mix Compilations 2011 - First State's Crossroads Yearmix 2010 [Black Hole Recordings] 2011 - The Whole Nine Yards (Amsterdam to Los Angeles) [Magik Muzik] Singles/EPs "Sacred" [In Trance We Trust] "First State" [In Trance We Trust] "Falling" (feat Anita Kelsey) [In Trance We Trust] "Sierra Nevada" [In Trance We Trust] "Evergreen" [In Trance We Trust] "Your Own Way" (feat Elliot Johns) [In Trance We Trust] "Off The Radar" [In Trance We Trust] "My Sanctuary" [Magik Muzik] "Cape Point" [Magik Muzik] "Cross The Line" (Feat. Relyk) [Magik Muzik] "Reverie" (Feat. Sarah Howells) [Magik Muzik] "As You Were" [Magik Muzik] "Skies On Fire" (feat. Sarah Howells) [Magik Muzik] "Maze" (feat. Tyler Sherritt) [Magik Muzik] "Reloaded" [First State Music] Remixes 2005 - Solar Stone "Eastern Sea" (First State Remix) [Solaris Recordings] 2006 - Midway "Cobra" (First State’s First Aid Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2007 - Tiësto "Ten Seconds Before Sunrise" (First State Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2008 - 4 Strings "Catch A Fall" (First State Remix) [Maelstrom Records] 2008 - Tiesto "Ten Seconds Before Sunrise" (First State's A Global Taste Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2008 - Armin van Buuren "Unforgivable" (First State Remix) [Armada Music] 2009 - Bobina Feat. Tiff Lacey "Where Did You Go?" (First State Remix) [World Club Music] 2009 - Vimana "We Came" (First State Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2009 - Ton TB "Dream Machine" (First State Remix) [In Trance We Trust] 2009 - First State feat. Sarah Howells "Brave" (First State's Crossroads Remix) [Magik Muzik] 2009 - 3 Drives "Greece 2000" (Sander van Dien Remix) [Massive Drive Recordings] 2009 - Jonas Steur Feat. Julie Thompson "Cold Winds" (First State Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2009 - Mac & Mac "Solid Session" (First State Remix) [Magik Muzik] 2009 - Filo & Peri "Ashley" (First State Remix) [Vandit] 2009 - Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt "Waiting" (First State Remix) [Aropa Records] 2010 - Dash Berlin feat. Solid Sessions "Janeiro" (First State Remix) [Aropa Records] 2010 - Tiesto feat. Tegan & Sara "Feel It In My Bones" (First State Remix) [Musical Freedom] 2010 - George Acosta feat. Fisher "Love Rain Down" (First State Remix) [SongBird] 2010 - Robbie Rivera feat. Lizzy Curious "Departures" (First State Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2011 - Blake Lewis "Till We See The Sun" (First State Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 2011 - First State feat. Sarah Howells "Reverie" (First State's Pounding Club Mix) [Magik Muzik] 2011 - Jason van Wyk & Audien "Someday" (First State Remix) [First State Music] 2011 - Jes "It's Too Late" (First State Remix) [Magik Muzik] 2012 - Marco V "Analogital" (First State Remix) [Tao Recordings] 2012 - Jake Shanahan "Everclear" (First State Edit) [First State Music]