Fatima Hajji



  • If you were born with electricity and a real punch running through the veins, then you’d know it is impossible to let them just on the inside. You must allow all that flow escape to the outside.
    Young DJ, composer and entrepreneur girl she runs her own platform, SILVER M her new label with some parties in nice places like Ibiza, Amsterdam or Barcelona. Fátima, Spanish by birth but with Arab origins is a confessed lover of nature and animals, as well as striking colours… and of course, she’s in steadfast love of a fireproof music genre like Techno. From its analogue and classical roots – she’s specialist in bringing up her deep African origins- through more contemporary sounds, including Techno-house. She stands for freshness, audacity and ruthless grooves, ideal medicine for having fun. Despite her youth, Fatima Hajji has led the dance music scene for nearly two decades now. Step by step she has managed wisely to establish herself as an artist, not only in Spain but also in the rest of Europe. To name some festivals (from a longer list) where she has performed: Awakenings,Verknipt, Solar, Decibel, Free Your Mind (The Netherlands); Tomorrowland (Belgium); Nature One, or Ikarus (Germany); Monegros, Aquasella, Medusa, Dreambeach, A summer Story, Weekendbeach, Electrobeach, Electrosonic, 4Every1 (Spain); Elektrobotik, Impact (France), Far Away (Peru), Dreambeach (Chile), Opera (Italy) ... It is also impossible to ignore she has been on the decks of clubs like the legendary Tresor (Berlin), Lehmann, X Club or Harry Klein in Germany; Privilege or Eden in Ibiza; Florida 135, Fabrik, Razzmatazz, Row 14, Input, LAB or Industrial Copera in Spain; Spazio 900, Audiodrome, Dolcevita or Golden Gate in Italy; Spin San Diego in USA, Inox Club, BT59 or La Villa Rouge in France; Gashouder, Maassilo, Shelter, Paradiso, Thuishaven, Toffler, Basis, Factory 010 and Depot in The Netherlands. Vagabond and Mute Colombia, Crobar Argentina, La Feria Chile, Foro Normandie in Mexico, Closr in Beirut, Jenja Bali… Fátima has travelled to a big list of countries like: USA, Czech Republic, U.K., Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Japan, Thailand, Slovenia, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Brazil, Colombia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, UK, Perú, Brasil, Chile, Argentina, India, U.A.E., Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar, Indonesia, Morocco, among others… Her childlike spontaneity, explosive show and party feeling promise to continue breaking down boundaries.

    Selected discography

    2019 "Sinergy" Fatima Hajji - Codex Recordings "Jet Lag" Fatima Hajji - Codex Recordings 2018 "Astral Surrender" Resonances (IT) & Martino Pingi (Fatima Hajji remix) -Riot Recordings "Taking Over" Fatima Hajji - Himmel "Melodream" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "Star" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "Hammer" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "Mola" Fatima Hajji - Unity Records 2017 "Crowd" Frankyeffe (Fatima Hajji Remix) - Silver M "Go Back" David Temessi, Raul Young (Fatima Hajji Remix) - DSR Digital "Dream & Nightmare" Gayle San, Dolby D -Fatima Hajji Remix - Dolma Records "Ghost" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "ZAA" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "Silence" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "Tlok" Fatima Hajji - Silver M 2016 "Moon" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "SLV" Fatima Hajji - Silver M "New Place" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Drop that Beat" Fatima Hajji & Lukas - Audiocode "Into the Wild" Fatima Hajji & Lukas - Audiocode "Night Train" Fatima Hajji & Lukas - Audiocode "Ziklo G" Fatima Hajji - Taikatta Records 2015 "Oh Yeah!" Fatima Hajji - Taikatta Records "Aicha Remix" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Déjate llevar" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music 2014 "FiestaH Techno Go!" Fatima Hajji - Taikatta Records "The Name is Hardtechno" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Hard Swing" Fatima Hajji & Duart - Standbite Music "Melon Loco" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music 2013 "Violines" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Africa Live" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Cuandu" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Liam como las Lias" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "The Name is Hard Techno" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music 2012 "Sientela" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Baby Jazmin" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music 2011 "Invierno" Fatima Hajji - AK Recordings "Happy Happus" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Up in Jam" Pet Duo (Fatima Hajji Remix) - Standbite Music 2010 "Be Carefull" Fatima Hajji & Darkrow - Kalamazoo Records "Kanchan" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Lost Bet" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "Cosmic Ape" Philip Row - Fatima Hajji remix Elektrax Rec. "Guop" Fatima Hajji - Pink About It "Trasto" Fatima Hajji - Elementz Records "Bowman" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music 2009 "Ataraxia" Fatima Hajji - Standbite Music "QPunch" Fatima Hajji & Ckosz - Pornographic Recordings "Butterfly" Omega Drive - Fatima Hajji remix Techno Artillery Records "Cori Rebollo" Fatima Hajji - False Dawn Rec. "Rellenito" Fatima Hajji - False Dawn Rec 2008 "Nuska" Fatima Hajji - Xtiluxe Rec. "El Tunel" Fatima Hajji - Emphatic Rec.