Fanon Flowers



  • Fanon Flowers grew up listening to Detroit Techno and Chicago House music via cassette tapes recorded off the radio from The Wizard aka Jeff Mills in Detroit and DJ Farley Jackmaster Funk in Chicago.
    Fanon Flowers (pronounced Fuh-nahn) is a Techno music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California. Fanon was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, exactly halfway between Detroit and Chicago, the birthplaces of Techno and House music. A product of his environment, Fanon purchased a Roland SH-101, TB-303, TR-505 and TR-606 and started buying Techno 12" records. Fanon naturally gravitated to the more dominate post-industrial machine sounds of Detroit Techno and quickly developed a style which combined the funky, dark, syncopated rhythms of Detroit Techno with the raw soul of Acid House music. After meeting Carl Craig through a mutual friend, Flowers began to garner attention in 1994 when he appeared as Mode Selector on the "Elements of and Experiments with Sound" compilation on Detroit's seminal Planet E label. In 1996, Fanon Flowers appeared under his Mode Selector alias on the "Detroit: Beyond the Third Wave" Compilation.” Released on Astralwerks Records, Flowers appeared alongside Detroit Techno stalwarts such as Terrance Dixon, Claude Young, DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham, Ectomorph and Anthony "Shake" Shakir. Also in 1996, Flowers started his own Techno imprint, Mechanisms Industries (distributed by Triple Vision Holland), to showcase his unique and mechanical approach to Techno. With over 60 records produced and released on various labels, including Planet Rhythm, Pole Group, Warm Up, TH Tar Hallow and Mind Trip. Currently, Fanon continues to produce music for his own label, and perform DJ’s sets at European venues. DJ Bookings contact: Stelar Booking Spain ([email protected])

    Selected discography

    Fanon Flowers Selected Discography Artist Name – Title - Label Mode Selector “Raindrops” from Elements of and Experiments with Sound (Planet-E) Last Generation “First Trumpet DJ Track” (Sonic Mind) Inventions and Dimensions “The Sleeper EP” (Phoq-U) Fanon Flowers “Music for the Last Days” (Reference Analog Audio) Mode Selector “Last Trip” from “Detroit: Beyond the Third Wave Compilation (Astralwerks) Fanon Flowers “Trackmodes” (Exalt) Fanon Flowers “Trackmodes 2: Treatment Structures” (E-Com) Fanon Flowers “Detroit Grand Prix” (Konsequent) Fanon Flowers "Shadows" (Konsequent) Fanon Flowers “Mechanical Measures” (Holtzplatten) Fanon Flowers vs Jay Denham “Duel EP” (Konsequent) Fanon Flowers “Steelworks USA” (Sheep) Fanon Flowers “Artic” (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten) Fanon Flowers “Diagnostic Check” (Treibsand) Fanon Flowers (with DJ Rush & Mike Wade) “Kalamazoo-Chicago Connection” (Sheep) Fanon Flowers & Cozmic Spore “Alien Artifacts” (Seismic) Fanon Flowers & Cozmic Spore "Chemical Compounds EP" (Seismic) Fanon Flowers vs. Cozmic Spore “Untitled” (Kombustion) Fanon Flowers "Winter In Kalamazoo" (Sonic Mind) Last Generation (with D. Knox & Aaron Bennett) “Saturday Sessions EP (Sonic Mind) Fanon Flowers “NYLA” (Automat) Fanon Flowers (with Christian Wunsch & Takaaki Itoh) "Body Electric" (Tsunami) Fanon Flowers (with Christian Wunsch & Rumenige featuring Loktibrada) “Killing Game” (Nine) Fanon Flowers (with Oscar Mulero, Exium & Loktibrada) “Slovakian Nights Remixes” (Numb) Fanon Flowers (with Ritzi Lee, Michaelangelo, Stanislav Tolkachev) "Revelation EP" (Subsist) Fanon Flowers “Introduction” from 1138: Music Inspired From The Film Compilation (6ONE6 Digital) Fanon Flowers "Fall Back" from The Engine Roars Compilation (Miga Label Digital) Fanon Flowers "Blue Dreams EP" (Overflow Records Digital) Laniman "On The Right Track" (Sonic Mind Digital) Fanon Flowers (with Oscar Mulero and Regis) “Implant EP” (Warm-Up) Fanon Flowers (with Exium) “Andromeda” (Nheoma) Fanon Flowers “Maschinenhaus EP” (Sect) Fanon Flowers (with Silent Servant and Developer) “Revisted EP” (Modularz) Fanon Flowers (with Victor Martinez and D-Knox) “It’s All For You" (Album Sampler 1) (Sect) Fanon Flowers (with Leticia Castaneda, Nether Void a.k.a. DJ Lock, and Kike Pravda) “Dark Emissions EP” (Reaktor) Fanon Flowers (with Chance McDermott) "Codex Sinaiticus" (Etichetta Nera) Fanon Flowers (with Moerbeck) "Vultures Circling" (Planet Rhythm) Fanon Flowers (with Z.I.P.P.O.) "Bleeding Heroes" (Suburban Avenue) Fanon Flowers (with Substance) "Phenomenal" (Sect) Fanon Flowers "Track Modes" Reissue (A.R.T.less) Fanon Flowers "Strong Interaction EP (Planet Rhythm) Fanon Flowers "Targite" (Tar Hallow) Fanon Flowers (with Jonas Kopp) "Metallic Conduction" (Pole Group) Fanon Flowers (with Pfirter & Pär Grindvik, Diego Amura and Savas Pascalidis) "Tejat Posterior" (Mind Trip) Fanon Flowers "Algorithm Control" (New Vinyl Order) Fanon Flowers on Mechanisms Industries Artist Name – Title – Matrix Number Fanon Flowers "Hypnotic Future” M1971 Rubycon "The Muffler Man” M1973 Rubycon "Physical Plant" M1977 Slush "Automation" M1979 Fanon Flowers "Live From Zug Island" M1981 Fanon Flowers "Track Modes 3: Hardware Structures" M1985 Fanon Flowers "Slovakian Nights" M1986 Obscurum "The Dom Remakes" (with Exium, Reeko and Fanon Flowers) M1989 Mechanisms Industries “Antikythera Mechanism” M1990 Mechanisms Industries "Antikythera Mechanism Remixes" (with Oscar Mulero, Subjected, Fanon Flowers and Henning Baer) M1991 Fanon Flowers "Hunt Patterns" M1993 Fanon Flowers "Track Modes 4" M1994X001 Fanon Flowers "Hunt Patterns 2" M1995X002