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    Alessandro Russo known as Evod, son of art, approached music at the age of 11, listening to Techno made in usa; Detroit Techno. Over the years he has played and published under various pseudonyms, but in 2015 he defined his artistic personality with a unique alias: Evod, the same name of his label. He has also published on Float Records and Singular Records. His mainly vinyl sets are characterized by strong and deep sounds, influenced by ambient sounds. The best known points of his career are his debut at Tresor (Berlin) and having joined with Jeff Mills, as his idol and source of inspiration. Defined as a new generation creator in Italy, his artistic evolution continues today. Evod Music was founded in 2015 by Alessandro Russo [Evod] and Alessio Politano [Oisel]: a label that believes in simplicity, purity and effectiveness of sounds and ideas. Few elements can create a single process, a flow that can expand and come to life. The purpose of Evod Music is to create a movement that shares and unites the most intimate ideas from all over the world, using only one language: music, a new generation of techno in Italy

    Selected discography

    [EVOD MUSIC] Evod - Rebirth Of A Man | EVDLTD001 | Vinyl 01/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod|Oisel - Interazione | EVDLTD002 | Vinyl 03/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod|YYYY|Syntaxism|Svarog - Fragments | EVDLTD003 | Vinyl 04/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]E.O.S - Luna Nuova - | EVDXC01 | Viny| 7inch 09/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod - A Child S Eyes | EVDLTD005 | Vinyl 11/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod - Sistemi Lineari | EVD0014 | Digital l 12/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]E.O.S - Luna Crescente - | EVDXC02 | Vinyl 7inch 12/2016 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod - Birth - |EVD018| Digital 04/2017 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod|Kwartz - Bipolarity - | EVDLTD007| Vinyl 07/2017 [SINGULAR RECORDS]Evod|Oisel - Buio |Sing-R15| Vinyl 11/2017 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod|Oisel|Terrence Dixon - Cyclical Vortex |EVDLTD008| 11/2017 [EVOD MUSIC]Evod - Acromo |EVD0022| Digital 01/2018 [FLOAT RECORDS]Evod - Unità|FLOAT027| Digital 02/2018