• ERIS is a Berlin-based project formed by Enrica Falqui and Dea Dvornik
    Enrica represents the Sardinian half of ERIS. Her book begins somewhere in 2009, when she started to create music and DJ. The years that followed were filled with contributions to dance culture with her DJ sets, alias productions, and her own record label. When this story came to an end another one was already in the making. Enrica loves spending long hours in the studio, experimenting, refining , learning, and creating sounds. Her new chapter is called ERIS. Dea represents the Croatian half of ERIS. A woman who has danced on all floors and experienced many memorable musical journeys. Born into a family of musicians, Dea was dancing before walking and playing piano before she could write. After years of studying politics to make a difference in the world, she realized she could instead make an impact with art. Over these years she’s collected and patiently waited her turn to express herself. Finally that time came with her 2018 MOJ mix. Was a quite interesting start to what we now call ERIS. Two souls from different musical histories met on a simple night out. They instantly connected and their taste and passion spiraled into production and mixing sessions. Their debut EP was released on CABARET Recordings and with that Moments EP was created.