Erick Diaz



  • Erick Diaz / DJ / Artist / Designer
    Erick Diaz: artist, poet, author and music philosopher plays a full array of dance music genres, blending them together and taking you on a journey of drums and cymbals. His propensity for mixing songs is indicative of one who “thirsts for originality and blood”. A veteran DJ of 17 plus years, Diaz has shared stages with top DJs and producers of the present and past. He once spent a year in silence just to understand the beauty of a whisper. Asked about his musical vision by the press in 2012, Diaz replied, “It’s sort of an epic Joycean assembly with bold futurist leanings”, before delivering solid punches of dance music to his audience!!!” Truly the salt of the earth, Diaz still eats sugar filled cereals for breakfast — not unlike the last emperor of China.

    Selected discography

    Basement Jaxx "Unicorn" Erick Diaz Remix Odesza "Say My Name" Erick Diaz & Saber Remix Kings of Tomorrow & Hector Couto - These Emotions Ft. LZ Hall (Erick Diaz Remix)