• Emissive is a Canadian DJ and producer. He runs the Planet Island party series in Toronto and is the host of Vitamix on Montreal's N10.as Radio.
    Emissive, born in Toronto, Canada as Evan Vincent started writing and producing music as a young teen on his older cousin's laptop. The Emissive concept was created after living abroad in London, UK and being exposed to the city's thriving electronic music scene. Having helped bring acts such as the White Material crew, Max McFerren, Funkineven and Octo Octa to Toronto as a promoter, Emissive was quickly found himself entrenched in the Toronto dance music community. He currently runs a bi-monthly party with Ensoul called COLOUR THEORY at Toronto's The Red Light. After graduating from an audio engineering program and interning at Soleil Sound he now spends his time mixing and mastering client's music while simultaneously channelling his expertise into producing his own electronic tracks. Evan and his good friend Ian make music under the Active Surplus moniker.

    Selected discography

    PR013 - Wave Science 12" Not on Label - City of Rooms EP Not on Label - Ontario Space