• Sound researcher, music producer and DJ based in Berlin. Founder of LiveJam Records.
    Born in the US and currently residing in Berlin, EMG has shaped an unconventional sound stretching from experimental to electronic dance music. In 2009 the results of his ongoing research conveyed in LiveJam Records, the first parent label on which EMG projects his ethos of producing live music recorded directly on tape, processed through a variety of audio equipment. Since LiveJam's first release, a number of sub-labels have also appeared such as Relative and Warm Sounds. These catalogues, co-owned by his brother John Swing, are just a part of EMG's output: he is also associated with collaborations such as Appointment with The Analogue Cops and Sperimentazioni Sonore with Battista and John Swing. His remixes for veterans such as Mr. G, Ben Sims and Moodymann, in addition to releases on The Trilogy Tapes and Berceuse Heroique, have also contributed in making EMG’s sound distinctive and recognizable.