Elite Force



  • “Elite Force unites the sometimes warring factions of electro house, techno, and breakbeat, like a peace keeper who values the spirit of cooperation and tolerance. He was forged in the fires of breakbeat, which has always had a habit of sucking in soun..
    “Elite Force unites the sometimes warring factions of electro house, techno, and breakbeat, like a peace keeper who values the spirit of cooperation and tolerance. He was forged in the fires of breakbeat, which has always had a habit of sucking in sounds that pass by. Elite’s sets are like a team performance, with tracks coming from all corners of the bass-driven sector, to create a vibrant hodgepodge of boundary-pushing dance music….“ [beatport 2009] Simon Shackleton’s Elite Force project began way back in 1996, debuting on his own newly founded Fused and Bruised label with a series of peerless 12s and remixes. After five successful years winning plaudits from the likes of Fatboy Slim & Jon Carter, he put Fused and Bruised on the backburner to concentrate on production work. After several years with Whole9Yards and Moonshine he became a primary artist on Adrift Recordings (formally known as Kingsize) before moving on to build his own empire under the U&A Recordings banner. Often credited for being a lynchpin in creating the tech-funk 'genre' (an amalgamation of breaks, house, techno and electro) he has released a series of massive singles in the past few years, finding broad support from DJs and musicians across the board, including the likes of James Zabiela, Sasha, Crystal Method, Laurent Garnier and Fatboy Slim to name but five. He has also regularly collaborated with Meat Katie on a number of chart-topping singles, as well as establishing a well-respected techno alias, DUSTBOWL with the Lot49 chief. As a remixer, Elite Force has always been in huge demand, with legendary re-workings for the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Crystal Method, Jungle Brothers, Stereo MCs, UNKLE & Infusion all contributing to his reputation as one of the most creative and effective remixers around. Elite Force's music has also been the soundtrack to many a movie, with a huge list of impressive A-list credits to his name, including the likes of the Matrix, Charlie's Angels, Arlington Road, Mortal Kombat, Crow, The Bone Collector, The Jackyll, Spiderman 2 and his music has appeared on a wide array of TV shows, from CSI to Top Gear, from Football Focus to LA Doctors. He's also soundtracked a number of computer games, including no fewer than 5 FIFA games, several of the Wipeout series, The Matrix and Motorstorm 1 & 2. On the decks, Elite Force has been a prime mover since 1990 when he cut his teeth playing huge student nights and self-promoted acid house nights in the South West of England, before moving up to London and ultimately gravitating towards his tech-funk style, with which he now has a full diary of global bookings. He has become known as one of the top technicians on a circuit that has included massive shows in Belarus, Hungary, Australia, Italy, USA, Czech Republic, India, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China, amongst others, as well as numerous festival slots including Glastonbury, Coachella, Burning Man, San Francisco's Love Parade, Wickerman and the Glade. He was also responsible for the hugely influential Strongarm Sessions webcasts which have become something of an institution since their inception back in 2001, receiving around 20,000 downloads per show. Elite Force is at the top of his game right now. He's just returned from a few days at the 'Burning Man Festival' in Nevada which included a Saturday night headline slot to some 5,000 revelers at the largest camp, Opulent Temple. Last month he took the headline slot at the largest breaks festival in Spain, 'Summer Festival' in the Olympic Stadium in Sevilla, playing to around 10,000 people, and went on to headline the 'Aeon Festival' in the West Country, where he smashed the dance tent on the Saturday night. The forthcoming ‘Re:Vamped’ mix album is a surefire bet to push him to the summit. His incendiary DJ sets have won him A-List admirers across the globe, and his re-workings and re-edits of virtually everything that passes through his studio have become the stuff of legend. ‘Re:Vamped’ finally makes these elusive & much-sought after works available to the public, with a head-spinning DJ mix that features upwards of twenty tried & tested exclusive mash-ups, recalling some of the finest moments from the likes of Soulwax / 2ManyDJs. With numerous tracks scheduled for release from the album, and a ramped-up DJ set being planned as we speak, the ‘Re:Vamped’ tour is set to roll in 2010.

    Selected discography

    ALBUMS SOLO & COLLABORATION Metropol (Lunatic Calm) [Universal/MCA] (1997) Breaking Point (Lunatic Calm) [V2/City of Angels] Elite Force - No Turning Back [Whole9Yards] (2001) Elite Force - Modern : Primitive [Adrift] (October 2006) Elite Force - Lot 49 Presents Elite Force [Lot 49] (January 2008) Elite Force Re-Vamped [U&A] (February 2010) 12" SINGLES / DOWNLOAD SINGLES Mainframe Wrekka [Fused & Bruised] Cool Like The Man (Remixes) (12") [Fused & Bruised] Turf Wars Vol.1. [Derailed] This is Latinamyl EP [Fused & Bruised] Call it Brisco EP [Fused & Bruised] Bombin' the Subway [Fused & Bruised] Here Come The Flow / Krushyn / Godfather with a Groove [Fused & Bruised] Gasoline Alley (remix by Dylan Rhymes) [Whole9Yards] Curveball / Haiku [Whole9Yards] Crew One / Killer Elite [Moonshine US] Hi 5 / Midnight Sun [Moonshine US] Vapour Trail / Give it to the People [Whole9Yards] No Turning Back / Body Electric [Whole9Yards] Melodik Hypnotik / Jack the Joint [Kingsize] Destination Australia EP [EQ/Stomp AUS] Driving Me Crazy (remix by Rennie Pilgrem & Elite Force) [TCR] Peyote Road / White Lightning [Kingsize] Shadowbox / Ghetto Fabulous [Kingsize] Pure & Free / Reclaim the Airwaves (PMT remix) [Lot 49] Heart of Darkness (remixes by Dylan Rhymes & Madox) [Adrift] You (remixes by Hybrid, Perc, Elite Force & Double Black) [U&A] Return2Mindfunk (remixes by Vandal, Double Black & Blende) [U&A] I Don't Think So [Lot49] Used & Abused [U&A] (remixes by Zodiac Cartel, Klaus Hill & Dopamine, Speculum) Melodik Hypnotik [Re:Vision 001] [U&A] (remixes by Miles Dyson, Riva Starr & Elite Force) Ghetto Fabulous [Re:Vision 002] [U&A] (remixes by Dopamine & Fine Cut Bodies) Engine (part of Lot49 presents Lee Coombs sampler) [Lot49] Modern Primitive Mixes [Re:Vision 003] (remixes by Rogue Element, Dan F & Double Black) [U&A] Peyote Road [Re:Vision 004] [U&A] (remixes by Hyperion (Oz) & AMB) No Turning Back Remixes [Re:Vision 005] [U&A] (remixes by Mowgli & Solo, Kid Blue, Dylan Rhymes, Butter Party, Bearweasel) Jack The Joint [Re:Vision 006] [U&A] (remixes by Zodiac Cartel, Deepgroove & Introspective) White Lightning [Re:Vision 007] [U&A] (remixes by Broombeck, Frogs in Socks) Mindfunksychedelic [Re:Vision 008] [U&A] (remixes by Jesse Rose, Tom Real & Black Russian, Zimbardo & Slezak) Early Years [Re:Vision 009] [U&A] (remixes by Heavy Feet, Gella, Core Overload, Autophase) 12"s & Digital with Meat Katie Toba [Kingsize] Juju [TCR] The Answer (with Roland Clark) [Kingsize] Fabulous Mint 400 [Kingsize] Nu-Tron / All Night Long [Adrift] Divine (with Roland Clark) [Adrift] Dark & Deep [U&A] (remixed by Hyperion) Believe [U&A] (remixed by Dopamine, Butter Party) Non Believer [U&A] Dustbowl (joint project with Meat Katie) EP#01 [Lot49] (Step Up, Fire Still Burning, The Dark Passenger) EP#02 [U&A] (Tipton, St. Petersberg, Ain’t No Grave) Other aliases & collaborations Lunatic Calm - Centista [Universal/MCA] Lunatic Calm - Roll The Dice (12") [Universal/MCA] Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind [Universal/MCA] Double Black - Double Black / Pipedream [Thrust] Killer Elite - Triggaman [TCR] Killer Elite - Mezkal [Blue Black] Elite Force & Jem Stone - Outta Sight [Thrust] Elite Force & Lee Coombs - Right Side of Wrong [Thrust] pHrack R Catch 22 EP (EP) [Fused & Bruised] 1996 pHrack R Sigh. Co. EP (12", EP) [Fused & Bruised] 1997 pHrack R Computer Deck Aid (12") [Fused & Bruised] Futurecore Bus, Dinner, Jam EP (12") [Fused & Bruised] 1996 Futurecore Combat Squad (12") [Fused & Bruised] 1996 Futurecore Vs. Syncromesh (12") [Urban Sounds] REMIXOGRAPHY Ajello - It's True [Moving Target] Blak Twang - Travellin' [Unreleased] Buffalo Daughter - Rhythm & Basement [Grand Royal] Crystal Method - Starting Over [Virgin] Dan F – Right On [Rendition] Downpressor - Nine [Ritmic] Dopamine & Klaus Hill - Ah Baby [Title Fight] Dylan Rhymes - On the Dancefloor [Blue Black] Dylan Rhymes - Superstar [Adrift / Lot49] Drumma – Rennie Pilgrim [TCR] Elite Force Remix EP [City Of Angels] Fine Cut Bodies – Trekk Far [Chi] Fuh 115 - Recycler [Nation Records] GDR - Powder [12 inch Recordings] Grandmaster Flash - White Lines [Warner Brothers] Groove Armada - Get Down [Columbia] Hybrid - I Choose Noise [Distinctive] Jungle Brothers Vs Elite Force - Lose It Music (Elite Force mix) [unreleased] Keoki - Jealousy [Moonshine] Klaus Hill & Dopamine - Ah Baby! [Title Fight] Kraymon - Who Wants Some? [En:Vision] Los Paranoias – [Lies, Lies, Lies Faith & Hope] Lunatic Calm - Centista [City of Angels] Madox - El Magnifico [Mantra Vibes] Mana [Electrofly] Mach One - Rip Chord [P.A.C.K. Music] Madoka - Plataforma Release [Elements] Madox - El Magnifico [Mantra] Meat Katie - Next Life [Kingsize] Mild Mannered Janitors - Shoom 74 [Fused & Bruised] Oblong - Playing on my Mind [Exceptional] PMT - Gyromancer [10 Kilo] Quinn Whalley - Hold Tight [W9Y] Redlight - Play [Proton] Rektchordz - Feed your Head [U&A Recordings] Rennie Pilgrem - Drumma [TCR] Rhythm Division – No Messing [W9Y] Rogue Element - Let Me Breathe [Exceptional] Shiloh - Mana [Electrofly] Simply Jeff - Funk Deluxe [Phonomental] Speculum - Nympho [Used & Abused] Stereo MCs - Set it Off [Unreleased] Surreal Madrid - Flatline Rock [Fused & Bruised] Surreal Madrid - Freaky People Remixes (12") [Fused & Bruised] Surreal Madrid - Girls of the Nite [Fused & Bruised] Surreal Madrid - Devil's Tingle EP (12") Insanity Sauce [Fused & Bruised] Surreal Madrid - We're Going To Vegas Baby! (12") Flatline Rock [Fused & Bruised] Surreal Madrid - Insanity Sauce [Fused & Bruised] Toob - The Miscreant [Lo Recordings] Mild Mannered Janitors - Suck My Mother Remix EP (12") Shoom 74 [Fused & Bruised] UNKLE - In a State [Universal Island] MUSIC LICENSES (selection) MOVIES The Matrix (1997) Charlie's Angels Crow La Femme Nikita Mortal Kombat : Annihilation (1997) The Jackyl (1996) Arlington Road (1997) Head On Guilty Angel Spiderman 2 (trailer) The Bone Collector Catch That Kid (Trailer) Maybe It’s Me The Beach TV Special Unit 2 (TV) Lakes (TV Series) Regis & Kathy Lee (TV Series) Top Gear (several shows - TV) Racing Rivals Tomcats Football Focus Grandstand Roswell (several TV episodes) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (several TV episodes) Women of the Night CSI Miami (several TV episodes) New York Undercover LA Doctors As If (several TV episodes) Top Buzzer (Ep. 106) Malcolm in the Middle World Rally Guilty Il Colpevole Charlie et ses droles Beowolf Sky News Women of The Night Adverts Carling Beer Advert (2004) BMW advertising (Australia) (2004) Frosties Advert (1995) Land Rover (USA) COMPUTER GAMES FIFA 1999/2000/2001/2002/2003 Wipeout : Fusion Wipeout The Matrix Motorstorm (1) Motorstorm (downloadable content pack – exclusive track written to brief) Ferrari 2008 ALBUM COMPILATION INCLUSION Beat Freakery (Cass) Spirito Wax Magazine 1997 Beat Up The NME 60 Knockout Minutes Mixed By Fatboy Slim (Cass) Saturnalia [New Musical Express] Beats By Dope Demand 4 - Cool Like The Man [Kickin Records] 1997 Derailed Presents Innercity-Outerspace (CD) Mainframe Wrekka, [Derailed] 1997 This Is Latinamyl (Comp) Spirito, Saturnalia [Fused & Bruised] 1997 Used And Abused (CD) [Fused & Bruised] 1997 Derailed And Fused & Bruised Present Postcards From Brisco (12") Call It Brisco [Derailed] 1998 Mind The Gap Volume 20 (CD) Call It Brisco [Gonzo Circus] 1998 Satisfaxion - Second Volume - Cool Like The Man [Virgin Records] (Spain) 1998 Serial Drillers (CD, Comp, Mixed) Call It Brisco [ID&T] 1998 Big Dirty Beats 2 (CD) Call It Brisco (And Wh... 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