Electronic Exultation



  • We would love to give you an example of what you’re going to hear on the show but there’s no better way than tuning in to Ibiza Global Radio to find out more about ‘Electronic Exultation’, the show for true electronic music lovers.
    Electronic Exultation is a project aswell weekly radio programme, created by two friends - Sebastian Oscilla & Nathan Pole, presenting the latest and most sophisticated sounds of electronic music. Throughout the show, aired each Wednesday by one of the most influential radio station in the world - Ibiza Global Radio, you will hear their own mixes as well as guest mixes from the industry big guns and Ibiza local heroes. Broadly implied electronic sounds, oozing from Electronic Exultation are on one hand firmly technical but at the same time are nothing short of melodic and hypnotic resonance enriched by that futuristic, very specific, warm and analogue Moog sound. This programme is truly for those, who appreciate hand-crafted sounds and simply enjoy quality music. On top of the radio show, Electronic Exultation has seen its club editions featuring the mighty Pional, David Hasert or Jose Maria Ramon as a headliners... the night however is still young.