• What you wish to kindle in others must burn within yourself.(Augustinus von Hippo) Elanetique is elan, enthusiasm, intensity, idealism, passion, dynamics, ecstasy, blaze, fervor, rave, verve, thrill, fire, fever, exertion and heat for music.
    A guy, enchanted by the glamorous disco era, flashed and shaped from the synthie & wave sound and finally branded by house music - e voila, Elanetique was born. Equipped with a classical music education, always a melody in the head and the constant urge, to move people and play music „4 to the floor“. Elanetique are defined by enthusiasm, passion, ecstasy, fire and fever for the music. In „Real Life“ rather quiet, shy, unassuming. But turn off the lights and let him play music then he lives his motto: Forget the world, breathe the happiness, eat the madness !!

    Selected discography

    2012/08 - Karera Rec. - "ALIVE" (incl. Benn Finn Remix) 2013/03 - Karera Rec. - "Nasty Funk" w/ Mould