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  • Whats up peeps, i been involved in all areas of music for 15yrs but a Mc/Rapper most of my career. i was signed to majors and i toured London & Europe performing at festivals to small clubs but then got mess around so i went bk to basics! and I'm her..
    Durty Fresh was raised in the heart of Hackney, East London, where a lot of people would say jungle, drum & bass and garage music thrived throughout the 90's to this present day. He originally started his career as an MC in 2000 and made his mark as a serious contender in the house & garage scene. Then Fresh went on to become a grime artist/rapper and got signed to Sony and Island Records but circumstances within the main stream music business gave Fresh the calling to go back to Basics! With that in Fresh's background you can certainly hear the influences in his music, fusing vocals of his own as well as classic house anthems and old school Hip Hop samples.. Durty Fresh's combination of melodic dark gritty baselines and raw grooves with pulsating Four To The Floor beat show and prove he has come from a background engulfed in the underground scene. Since Fresh got behind the mixing desk early 2013 he has already been signed to Plus Recordings, his debut EP is a 4 Track imprint. A deep, dark, spacey big bass sound ( Cocaine Cowboy) march 2014 Off the back of this EP's success Fresh has since been recognised as one to look out for in the future. His follow up EP (Holla At Me), another 3 track deep tech bass heavy package which was in instant high demand from the london masses. As summer came closer Fresh got signed to Sounds of Juan First with a Techno Ep (The Pressure) Then straight after Endemic Digital with a Tech/house Ep (My House Not Jacks House) with these releases he was gained support from some of the industry's most respected including Richie Hawtin, Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones, My Favourite Robot, Inxec and many more.. Further signings include Half Seas Over, Onefold Records. Durty Fresh has already played for some of London's & Ibiza's biggest underground promotions Flying Circus, Tigre, Get Diverted, Soft Porn, Keep On Going, Kubical, Deja Vu, Viva Warriors plus many more. Not bad at all for an artist who has only been producing for little under 2 years! Out of nowhere Fresh's latest release on Half Seas Over is a collabaration with Inxec - Come Right Away - which has had a great response from some of the biggest DJ's/Producers from around the world and reached number 40 on the top 100 Deep House Beatport charts.. Making Durty Fresh without a doubt one to watch for 2015.. You've been warned. Taking in mind he has only been producing for a year and a half and already competing with the best of them!! So stay tuned cause theres a lot more in store!! Ps. those who took the time to read this!! Will now know his secret He is the 1 and only descendent of Jor-El and Lara of Krypton! He was sent here to bring peace, love and unity through his music and connect the Universe with his Vibrations! He knows were this world is heading without his help! Because he lost his own planet to the same ways of earth. The Greed for Power, Money and Land, So he plans to for feel his destiny and save earth from destroying its self!! Keep this to your self cause the world is still not ready for this Knowledge... YET!
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