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    In 1992 Steve R.I.O.T. & Dr.Gonzo, formed a the DJcollective named ANAISSoundsystem. Both played in every known club in Luxembourg. Their main style was Reggae, Ragga, Dub... but they started also to organize concerts, raves ...and were always on a journey onto sound. From 1996 to 2000 they played as residents for Luxembourgs biggest electronic festival, called E-Lake. After 8 successful years ANAISSoundsystem split. After this times of change,Dr.gonZo began to built up his reputation as an open minded electronic dj and played in many national and international clubs. Owner of Club Zero (till 2003), knowledge in music and 20 years experience behind the turntables, he creates down to the present days the medicine for your ears :That's what makes dr.gonZo a popular dj in Luxembourg and surroundings. dr.gonZo played in these clubs: [email protected] Fabrik (Madrid, ES), Kulturgut (Trier, Germany), [email protected] Club (Madrid, ES), REX Club (Paris), U60311 (Frankfurt), Duplex (Praha), Ministry (Zvolen, SK), S38 (Koblenz), Suppkultur (Koblenz), Rheingold (Duesseldorf), Unfug Klub (Trier), Jah Bar (Lux), Sixx PM (Dortmund), Synchron Club (Dortmund), U-Bahn (Iserlohn), Perpetuum (Brno, CZ), Club Sypka (Zlin, CZ), Club Diamantino (Trapice, CZ), Flying Dutchman (Beaufort), The Pulp Club (Luxembourg), The Elevator (Luxembourg), The Point (Luxembourg), Byblos Club (Luxembourg), Down Under People's Dance Club (Trier), Deep Club (Trier), N-Joy (Arlon, B), Elyxir (Thionville, Fr), Jet Set Club (Neufchateau, B), Turbinenhalle (Oberhausen), Verso (Luxembourg), the Viking (Lux), Ping Pong Klub (Trier) and many more... dr.gonZo played at these Festivals: Garden of Eden (Luxembourg), E-lake (Luxembourg), XL Festival (Luxembourg), Nature One (Germany), Ruhr in Love (Germany), Bayday (CZ), MachacFestival (CZ), MTV IDance (Luxembourg), Electricity (Luxembourg), Electric City (Koblenz), Kaisertanz (koblenz), Electronic Circle (Koblenz), 24 h Electro (Luxembourg), Winterclubbing (Luxembourg), Stoneage (Luxembourg), Station One (St.Vith), Beatday, Techno Tunes (CZ) and many many more... Residencys: Organic Dance Department Events// Flying Dutchman Club (since 1992) // Save the Robots Events / Trier (2007) // the Point (2008-2010)

    Selected discography

    Discography: -dr.gonZo feat. Steve Hunter: Lesson 21.1 // unreleased -dr.gonZo: the Frog // unreleased -Soulicious aka _Beneth SkILL & dr.gonZo: Eukalyptus & Menthol // Decksharks Rec., 2010 -dr.gonZo: dawn of the day // WL77_ 17:44 Rec., 2011 -dr.gonZo & Pablo Discobar: Timbuktu EP // WL77 -dr.gonZo: Sunny Haze // WL77 Rec. Remixes: -Legotrip: Laksembörg Sitti (dr.gonZo very pretty rmx) unreleased -Marcus Cooper: Free Summer (dr.gonZo RMX) out soon on FS Records // 2012 -Babyoil: Fuck you (dr.gonZo RMX) 2011 -Martin Heyder: Rip it up (dr.gonZo rmx) // Fullscale Music -Martin Heyder: Idolatrie (dr.gonZo rmx) // WL77 Rec. -Pablo Discobar: Orange (dr.gonZo rmx) // Deckshark Rec. -Luthier: Last Shout (Pablo Discobar & dr.gonZo rmx) WL77 Rec. -Metro: dr.love (dr.gonZo & Pablo Discobar rmx) // Waggle Daggle Rec. -Pablo Discobar: Moving too fast (dr.gonZo rmx // WL77 out soon -Marc de Pulse: Lucky Punch (dr.gonZo & Pablo Discobar rmx) // Ostfunk Rec.. -dr.gonZo feat. Steve Hunter: Lesson 21.1 // unreleased