don shuggin



  • Dance music enthusiast and cat-lover residing in Peckham, London
    Don Shuggin began DJing in 2004 when he befriended members of the Dirty Leg Muddy Shoe crew in Portland, Maine. They taught him how to mix vinyl and scratch using the classic setup of two Technics 1200s and a Vestax PMC05. Shortly thereafter Don began collecting vinyl and learned more about hip hop culture, eventually trying his hand at graffiti writing and freestyle rapping. Having entered a few battles and many a cypher, Don's love of lyrical hip-hop eventually expanded into more instrumentally-driven productions, such as Jel's "Greenball" and the Lunch Money Singles from Montreal's Bully Records. Having amassed a small record collection, Don moved West, eventually landing in San Francisco where he worked at the legendary night club and music venue 1015 Folsom. There he met many of his favorite artists, gained experience in event production, and learned from other DJs how to use CDJs, DVS, and controllers. As instrumental hip hop gave way to the rise of trap, half time, and leftfield bass, Don's tastes and preferences naturally aligned with those genres, which is currently where his main musical style and interests lie. In 2016 Don moved to London and hosted a show called "Cue & A" on Wired Radio, the student internet streaming radio station at Goldsmiths University. Don stayed in the UK and currently lives in Peckham, London where he works alongside Trap Music London and Night People UK to cultivate and support unconventional electronic and bass music in London.