Don Ramon



  • In the middle of the nineties, Don Ramon got addicted to house and techno. He was dancing till his shoes where smoking – but he never ever had enough. After hearing DJs like Richie Hawtin ore Sven Väth he decided to buy his own decks and 1997 he began..
    The problem was that he was living in a little sleepy Swiss city in the countryside. There was not much to do as a dj. Well, because there was no chance Don Ramon believed even more in his own and started, together with a few friends to organize little parties in the Swiss outback. Since 2000 Don Ramon is living in Zurich. He has been a part of the local scene for many years. He used to play in almost every club in town, for example “Dachkantine”,“Spidergalaxy”, “Club Q” or “Cabaret”. Nowadays at “Hive” or at “Frieda’s Büxe”, the club he launched with five friends in October 2010. He is also playing regularly abroad: Berlin, NYC, Ibiza and many more places. His Sets are always groovy, it has to be house in a way, sometimes more deep or hypnotic, sometimes more tech…. Some years ago, he started to work with his own ideas and in 2010 he had his first release on Fantastic Friends Recordings. In April 2013 he started his own Label with his bro San Marco called “Frieda Musik”, the Label is coming with the background from their club “Frieda’s Büxe”.

    Selected discography

    May 2010 „Downtown Cowboy“ - Fantastic Friends Recordings July 2010 „Jimmy’s World“ EP - Fantastic Friends Recordings January 2012 Giovanni Damico - „No Lines“ Remix – Fantastic Friends Rec. April 2012 „Ginger & Bread“ – Bar 25 June 2012 Andri & Valentino - „Just Take it“ Remix – Sirion Records June 2013 „Elephant Carousel“ EP – Frieda Musik November 2013 Ordinary Subject - „A Jimi“ Remix – Frieda Musik July 2014 Frivolous - „For the message“ Remix - Frieda Musik