• Go with the flow... and listen to your gut feeling while doing so! Dolph pays heed to this wisdom, both in life and in music.
    His productions reveal an original sound that’s unique to him - one that stems from many influences, and yet doesn’t follow any of its rules - only his gut. His production career has roots in Hip Hop and Electronica - but his passion for melancholia of all kinds has driven him to produce music that reflects his musical evolution over time. With a knack for twisting rhythms and sound structures around one another, he shows a noticeable disregard towards style conventions - choosing to craft his own personal taste in beats that are gradually becoming more linear. An irresistible catchiness pulsates amongst rich bass lines and distinct melodies, intertwining energetic grooves with percussions in soundscapes that are electronic yet experimental, subtle and slow. No matter the tempo he’s moving in, it’s easy to recognize his music, which usually oscillates between a playful happy vibe and dreamy melancholia. His productions have been released on labels such as Akumandra, Amselcom and the label that supported him from the very beginning - Acker Records. We look forward to future twists and turns in this artist’s journey.