• There are DJs, and then there are DJ’s DJ's. Julien Veniel, artist name D’Julz, is undoubtedly one of the latter - a true craftsman behind the decks whose true strongest skill is his ability to go beyond mere genres and trends, deciding instead to act..
    There are DJs, and then there are DJ’s DJ's. Julien Veniel, artist name D’Julz, is undoubtedly one of the latter - a true craftsman behind the decks whose true strongest skill is his ability to go beyond mere genres and trends, deciding instead to actively shape the ever-changing soundscape of electronic music through his own productions, DJ performances and parties. Through a career spanning two and half decades, D’Julz has practically done it all. He began spinning in Paris, often playing his home city’s much-talked about early 90’s raves and legendary clubs, all before moving to New–York in 1993 to further hone his skills and cement his reputation as a true taste-maker in his field. The rest, as they say, is history. Despite finding himself in high demand in every corner of the globe, from the States to Japan and countless countries in between, D’Julz has always remained true to his roots in Paris, where he has been running the now legendary “Bass Culture” night at Rex club since 1997. In tandem with the birth of his party D’Julz has dedicated a large amount of time and energy into the production side of his musical output. Solo-wise his music has been signed to some of the world’s finest underground labels – Circus Company, Robsoul, Ovum, Rekids, 20:20 Vision and more. Since D’Julz started producing he has been responsible for a long list of tracks and remixes that have become essential weapons in the record boxes of the world’s DJ elite. As a DJ he exudes class and panache. A gifted curator of music whose pedigree has earned him a loyal international following and a constant tour schedule which sees him travel the worlds major cities every week playing the best venues they have on offer. Not to mention the infamous Circoloco (DC10) where he has held a long-standing residency, taking charge of the main room and the world-renowned red terrace room several times each summer season. Each set demonstrating D’Julz’s uncanny ability to weave his penchant for dub elements into the house and techno sphere and rocking DC10 with potent groove and sultry rhythms. D’Julz remains as enthusiastic as he was when he first started DJing, as his Bass Culture label goes from strength to strength, clocking over 50 releases and he continues to traverse the globe rocking dance floors every weekend. A true legend and one who will continue to be at the top of his game…

    Selected discography

    Singles : D’julz concept « Parisamsteryorker » (Omnisonus) ‘94 D’julz& ze rude waiter “French Dressing “(Sm:)e ) ‘95 D’julz “Lost in a tunnel “(G.G.S.) ‘96 D’julz ”Dragon Dub “ (Serial records) ‘99 D’julz “Acid flavour” (Serial Records) ‘00 Joeski & D’julz “A Night on Cléry st” (Maya’) 01 D’julz “ Timeless Bass” (20/20 Vision) ’01 D’julz “Acid tricks “(Ovum )’ 02 D’julz “reversal luv” (Serial) ’02 D’julz “ze theme” (20:20 vision) ’03 D”julz “hip house soup” (Honchos /MFF)’04 D’julz “alpha” (Ovum ) ’05 D’julz “forward” (brique rouge) ‘06 D’julz “berlingo” (dessous) ‘06 D’Julz “flick it” (Poussez!) '07 D’Julz “Runny “ (Pokerflat) '07 SUM “brainhoover”(Klang Electronik) '07 D’Julz “here and now” (pokerflat) '07 D’Julz “just so you know “ (ovum) '08 D’Julz “yo momo” (intacto) '08 D’Julz “fleurette” ( circus company) 2008 D’julz “ rotondo” ( circus company” 2010 D’julz “ second hand feet” (ovum) 2010 D’julz” get down” (pokerflat) 2011 D’julz & Paul Ritch -run (quartz) 2011 D’julz “ fofoca EP” (bass culture) 2011 D’julz & Kiki-The movement (Watergate) 2012 D’Julz “Special Day" Ep (Circus Compagny) 2013 D’Julz “Da madness Remixes (Bass Culture ) 2013 D’julz -Dive Ep (Ovum) 2013 D’julz & Cassy-What U see in me ep (Bass Culture) 2014 D’Julz-Ze Box EP (Robsoul) 2014 D'Julz- Give me your Hand (Wiggle) 2014 Franck Roger & D’julz- City Zoo ep ( Home Invasion) 2014 Phil Weeks & D’julz- Second Hand Smoke Ep (Rex) 2015 D'julz -Houdini EP ( Bass Culture) D'julz -Ecapade EP(Phonogramme) D'julz-In Your soul (Rekids) D'julz -Organic (Politics of Dancing) Remixes : Celeda “Burning up” (Twisted)’ 99 Lith de lanka. " Dreamoz " (Deep Touch) ‘00 Marino Berardi " Expression in E dub " (Wally’s Groove World) 00 Funky Transport “Down with love” (20/20 Vision)’ 02 Sweet drop “Human nature”(Stricltly Rhythm) ’02 Papa Washington trio “soundbwoy”(Paper) ’02 Unslung Heroes “talking hash, smoking trach”(Product Deluxe)’02 Layo & Buschwacka “deep south “ (End recordings) ’03 Steve poindexter “ computer madness” (Square roots) ’04 Majick Jonhson “tokyo track “ (End recordings) ‘04 Extasy club “ jesus loves the acid “ (Bugged out/ DZ) ‘04 Thugthucker “ahhh”( Thugthucker rec) march’07 Djinxx” be quiet” (Electrochoc) march ‘07 Tom Pooks “ trouble ‘ (Ovum) sept 07 Bangana” dead end “ (Heya hifi) may 08 Johnny D “soleil” (Safari) may 08 Mark Romboy vs K Alexi acid love (Systematic) june 08 Polder “ bondage “ (Intacto) 2008 Mathew Dear- free to ask (Get Physical) 2008 Rocco –someday (Real Tone) 2008 Steve Lawler-21stc entury ketchup ( Sci+Tec) 2008 Okain-717 (Tsuba) 2008 Gummihz-los los (Mobilee ) 2008 DOP –walk the line (children of Tomorrow) 2009 Arnaud Le texier –almoravid (20/20vision) 2009 Slam-positive education (Soma) 2009 2000 & One-burning dub (100% Pure) 2009 Josh Wink-minimum 23 (Ovum) 2010 Anonym-lov is easy (Bass culture) 2010 Andrade-face de bouq (Dessous) 2010 Solomun-daddy’s jam (Rebellion)2011 Barem-is (M_nus) 2011 H –foundation-passage of time (Soma) 2011 Santos-Primitive Cannibal (Monique Musique 2011 Shlomi Aber –basic roots (Ovum) 2011 Phil Weeks-mind game (Robsoul) 2011 Santos-Primitive Cannibal (Monique Musique) 2011 Andrade –sugar EP (Street Knowledge) 2012 House of Venus –dish n tell ( Bang Bang) 2012 Spencer Parker –romantic (Rekids) 2012 Franck Roger –after all (Real Tone)2012 Christian Burkhardt-Pianissimo (Oslo) 2012 Gummhiz –ruff passage (Claap) 2013 Mihai Popoviciu-sortable (Pop corn) 2013 Marck Scholl-frunk (Cecille) 2013 Sublevel-Jus us (Sublevel) 2014 Acid Mondays- Schlurptastic (One) 2014 Robsoul D'julz edits (reobsoul) 2016 Rolando –FGR (RRR) 2017