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  • dj Sandy Love ( Dj , Mc , Singer , electronic music Producer 20 years in the music industry). Producing and mixing all over the world. She is one of the first woman Djettes in Spain.
    DJ - VOCALIST- MUSIC PRODUCER - Director of Music and Soundtrack of the Iberoamerican Academy of Independent Cinema Ambassador in LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE & PEACE ONE DAY SPAIN 2014 -15 OFICIAL DJJETTE FOR MISS UNIVERSE SPAIN 2017 OFFICIAL DJJETTE FOR MISS TOURISM SPAIN , MADRID , CATALUNYA , IBIZA . 2018 - NEW ALBUM RELEASE - This is an ILLUSION . DJ Sandy Love is a different DJette; An Artist & Business woman Her passion is music and she is always involved helping social causes. DJ SANDY LOVE Was born in Madrid in 1975, she grew up with the sound of techno-pop and acid-house. Feeling Love for music since she was very young. ( She studied piano and music theory ), She began her career at 14 working in public relations in several clubs. When she was 16 she started leading a PR teams. Sandy ascended into the world of clubs. But Sandy knew she wanted more for her future, so she studied a Degree and a Master in marketing, public relations and business studies in Madrid at the Complutense in Madrid, working hard to get where she wanted. Thus was born the perfect combination: Musical Talent and business knowledge. As DJjette, Sandy Love has played a key part in a host of Madrid nightclubs as pubic relations manager and has been playing for her audience since 2000 in some of the best clubs and private parties in Spain and abroad; Always involved in social projects helping with her music theraphy, and contributing economicaly helping families in an actual situation of poverty . Key Events •Madrid Aire Sala Heineken Larios Café EVENTOS : dj SALON LOOK MONACO MICS DJ AWARDS IBIZA •Resident summer Dj - Menorca 2009- 2012 Resident … GRILL OUT VALENTINO PRIVATE PARTIES SLV BOAT PARTIES •Mallorca 2005-2006-2009- 2011 PRIVATE PARTIES SLV BOAT PARTIES WOMAN DJJETTES •Ibiza 2010-2011 Fiestas GOLDANCE LE CLUB PRIVATE PARTIES SLV BOAT PARTIES •Barcelona 2009-2010-2011 Apolo Mundo Canibal Tifanys DJ for the Ed Hardy Catwalk at FERIA DEL TATTOO •Andalucia, Spain 2009 DJ SANDY LOVE 80 ´S Cadiz sala W DJ SANDY LOVE ELECTRONIKA Cadiz sala W •France 2008-2009-2010 Paris BATEAU MOUCHE “ La privee “ Marseille ; La Privee •Israel 2009 - 2010 Tel Aviv Private Party •USA 2010 Miami Private PARTY ( Mansion ) •Portugal 2012 Lisbon( Fábrica Braço de Prata ) work shop & djjing fusion brazilian music Key artist: Marysa Alfaia MONACO 2012 MICS NOV DJ Para AMENAGENCE & VERGES 2013 . BARCELONA Cosmobelleza Dj fr an international magazine “ Cabines “ Special sessions: Room Club Xtra Lloret del Mar, Ibiza lounge FK ME IM FAMOUS, beach parties TLV (Israel) , Portugal Fabrica Braço de Prata. Miami & Orlando: Mansion & Private Events, France , " La Fiesta " Paris “ Recently appearing at Vip Funktion 1 At Mixmove (Paris 2013) …. amongst many more events, including 4years talking on the radio representing female Djs. 2012 - 13 RESIDENT DJETT : 2012 . SUMMER GRILL OUT LOUNGE CLUB 2012 PROJECT : LOVE ADDICTS 2012 Singer & Dj 2014: show and record "In the shower" 2015 - DJ SANDY LOVE TOUR & CULTURE CLUBBING TV MONACO - PARIS - MIAMI - MADRID - BARCELONA - IBIZA - 2015 - PARTIDO DE FUTBOL SOLIDARIO .POR LA PAZ CONTRA EL ALZHEIMER - VETERANOS ATLETICO DE MADRID VS ARTISTAS MODELOS DJ´S . 2016 FEBRUARY - DJ SANDY LOVE TOUR & CULTURE CLUBBING TV - BRASIL RIO MUSIC CONFERENCE ( IPANEMA - COPACABANA - RIO DE JANEIRO - ) 2016 - SEPTEMBER 21 ST ( COMMING SOON ) PARTIDO DE FUTBOL SOLIDARIO .POR LA PAZ CONTRA EL ALZHEIMER - VETERANOS ATLETICO DE MADRID VS ARTISTAS MODELOS DJ´S . 2017 - OFFICIAL DJJETTE MISS TOURISM 2017 - RESIDENT DJ - MATINAL SESSION - HADES LOGIA - MADRID 2017 - RESIDENT DJ CDC TV - CULTURE CLUBBING TV 2018 - RESIDENT DJ CDC TV - CULTURE CLUBBING TV 2018 - Coming soon - New album Release - THIS IS AN ILLUSION . 2018 - Cuzco - Presentación - Lanzamiento - Her Djing & Music Producer Style : is a blend of: The most current ELECTRO HOUSE remixed live with TECHNOPOP & DANCE from the 80 s & 90 s , now the new tendency is Trap, electro latino and dance. She has another Aka in Minimal & Techno sets & live as GODNESS DJETTE . …. They are unique pieces of music!!! Using Cds, Traktor DJ and Vinyl.
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