DJ Ripley



  • A ferociously adventurous blend of jungle, footwork & global street bass. Smashing preconceptions with thunderous bass, celebrating people’s stories across race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, for liberation and cosmic expansion on the dancefloor.
    Ripley mixes to highlight difference rather than seamlessness. Thunderous bass, but not without sweetness and humor, she gets the dancefloor bouncing and awake. Music by definition crosses borders, literally and figuratively. Physical borders: eardrums, walls, and legal borders: nations, zones. Her main goal is challenge the assumption that difference breeds division and distrust – instead, difference, rupture, foreign-ness is a site of conscious, open-eyed and physical pleasure. 25 years of dancefloor revelations, radio rumbles, event sprouts and more: she's also an activist and a scholar (professor of media studies & production).

    Selected discography

    Footwork Jungle mix 066: Ich Bin Defekt - Death$ucker Records, 2005