DJ Peet



  • He is a true tastemaker who has dedicated his whole live to music.
    "He is a true tastemaker who has dedicated his whole live to music. Art Of Noise and Kraftwerk put him on the tracks with electronic music at an early age. His breakthrough came in 2000 with a track released on John Digweed's label "Black" since then he has continuously been putting out his music on smaller labels and has received support from Hernan Cattaneo, Pole Folder, Nick Warren, Paul Oakenfold, Anthony Pappa and others. Peet has been a real tastemaker also at the decks playing records for 15 years and has made it a challenge for himself to mix consequently different styles of electronic music. His own productions highlight his talent to fuse electronica with techno, allowing emotional spurts and a lot of changes creating a lively and daring arrangement, sometimes fantastic, sometimes urgent and alien."

    Selected discography

    Eclectica - O'Spectra (original mixes) 2000 Planetarium Records Eclectica - O' Spectra (deep space organisms remixes) 2001 Bedrock Black Alex & Tommyboy - Hot & Wet (Eclectica's The Evening Rising Remix) 2003 Planetarium Eclectica & Nathan K - Intercontinental EP 2004 EclectiK Productions Yvel & Tristan - Gaelic (Eclectica Remix) 2005 EclectiK Productions Nonverbal Community - Side 2 Side (Peet pres. The Guitarist Remix) 2008 NoTalking Digital Pilvax - 12 Silky Soldiers (Peet pres. The Guitarist Remix) 2008 Others Digital Nathan K - Monday (Peet pres. The Guitarist almost Tuesday Remix) 2009 Others Digital Peet pres. The Guitarist - When In The Jail Ep. 2009 Others Digital Dom Kane - Room Of Doom (Peet pres. The Guitarist Remix) 2009 Xeton Records Slok - Deesgustocosmicow (Peet pres. The Guitarist Remix) 2010 Electronic Petz Maskaraska – Spear (Peet Remix) /Bikini GER/ 2011 10000 Sounds Project – Heaven (Peet’s Scented Remix) /Entertainment Dubai/ 2011 Peet – Movement E.P. /Progrez BEL/ 2011 Peet – Kobra E.P. /Golden Cat Recordings ARG/ 2012 Peet and Millie Gaum – The Blame /Reworck BEL/ 2012 Saccao – Don’t Stop (Peet Remix) /Entertainment Music DUB/ 2012 Peet – Added /Inlab Recordings FRA/ 2012 Peet – Full Blend (w/ remixes) /Clinique Recordings RUS/ 2012 Peet – Leather Ladder (Reprise) on AMH’s Outer Space Comp /A Must Have CRO/ 2012 Ryan Davis and Electric Rescue - Stroll (Peet Remix) /Traum Schallplatten GER/ 2013 Peet - Half A Dozen Twins /Traum Schallplatten GER/ 2013