DJ Pearl



  • House music in India has come a long, long way. But it has had some serious help on that journey. Meet Pearl.
    A DJ who till recently was described by the Indian media as India’s number one female DJ. Well not any more. They now simply refer to her as India’s best. In a big country where the house music scene was completely dominated by male artists, the soft-spoken DJ Pearl has always lets her vinyl speak for itself. Pearl’s love affair with the dance floor began almost a decade ago from the time she was an indefatigable clubber, travelling across the globe, forever in search of new sounds and that perfect clubbing experience. She’s partied at the best clubs and been influenced by some of the finest DJs of our time. Having grown up surrounded by music and around vinyl collecting parents who themselves were a part of the Goa music scene back in the 70s; it isn’t hard to see why music had such a major influence on her. Having realized early on that music was her life’s answer, she has since pioneered the cause of electronic dance music across the Indian subcontinent. This commitment to EDM led her to be one of the co-founders of ‘Submerge’ (, India’s premiere electronic music party which serves as a platform for upcoming DJs in the country and also responsible for bringing down some of the world’s finest DJ talent. From a humble beginning five years ago of a few hundred fanatic clubbers, Submerge now hosts weekly nights across all the major cities in the country and can now boast of a nationwide community of loyal members. Come December and you will find her spinning her magic on the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, where she along with Nikhil Chinapa and Hermit Sethi (Submerge co-founders) host the biggest beach festival on Goa’s famed beaches. What started five years ago as an improvised beach party for a few friends has snowballed into a massive week long celebration with over fifteen thousand jumping and waving fans. What makes these sunset sessions unique is that they are completely free and open to everyone on the beach. This is their way of giving back to the huge number of music enthusiasts who supported their events through the year and whose love brings them back year after year. To try and describe Pearl’s style of music wouldn’t be doing her justice. No two of Pearl’s performances are the same. As she evolves over time so does her music. Its funky, it’s unique and it’s progressive. It traverses them all. It is an experience. It is a journey. So come and be a part of it.