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  • RA Pick
    • Sat, 21 Nov 2020

      Common - Immersive Premiere

      Hieroglyphic Being, Intergalactic Gary, PEEV, Djoser, Julianna, Kasey Riot, Sky Deep, Paàl, Muon, Jett Chandon, Panch, G.rizo, Jean-Philippe, Prequel Tapes, Pasiphae, Drew McDowall, KMRU, Chooc Ly, Marylou, Maracuya, Sorcery, Aldeen, Midori Hirano, Tim Reaper, [MONRHEA]
      COMMON, a virtual events venue for grassroots music communities, presents 12 hours of nerdy techno, electro and experimental, with music from Drew McDowall + Florence To, KMRU and the excellent Midnight Shift label.

    RA Pick
    • Fri, 31 Jan 2020

      L.E.N.G. presents Ploy

      Djoser, Jett Chandon, Ploy
      One of UK techno's leading lights hits the capital courtesy of the L.E.N.G. crew, who are worth coming early (or staying late) to check out, too.

    RA Pick
    • Fri, 20 Sep 2019


      Martyn, Chris Nitti, Arthur Kimskii, Tommy Cornelis, Baronhawk Poitier, Ron Jackson, Sam Burns, Djoser, DJ Lisa Frank, Jett Chandon, Hot Coffee, Juana, Jacq Jill, Samantha Francesca, Keenan Orr, Saad Ashraf, Lemz, Joyce (US)
      Washington DC
      TBA - Washington DC
      Soak in some of the best DC has to offer with this incredible all-locals showcase covering almost every angle of the city's club scene, all over one 24 hour marathon.