Dj Nickel



  • My friends and I would describe me as a SoCal / Los Angeles techno head with a MidWest Techno / Acid ear. I may physically live in the Los Angeles area, my ear, and musical tastes have always been more akin to what is going on in the Midwest. I have..
    I have been involved in the Los Angeles underground electronic dance community for just over 20 years now. I started out promoting for clubs in the LA area in the summer of 1992. Through my exposure to all of the classic clubs of the time (NoDoz, Funny Farm, What?, Citrusonic, Sketch Pad, Flammable Liquid, Sinamatic, Club Post Nuclear, and several others), I fell in love with Techno and House music. I soon started collecting records from where ever and whenever I could. Eventually, I got my own turntables and mixer to be able to start teaching myself how to dj. I actually got my first set up from a friend of mine from the OC punk scene named Jay Lee I started playing for my friends and eventually got a few bookings. I am the founding member / idea person behind what was once known as Ghettoe Ass Soundsystem Familee (G.A.S.F), and Friends Of Friends Network. Under those production names, we were involved in either assisting with other clubs or parties, or doing our own things. I have been part of many Sundays in the park in and around Orange County. We also were part of a weekly called Energy Project, where we were pretty much responsible for the Hardcore (anything other than funky breaks, trance, house) nights there. From there, I came up with a brain child that some remember, called Steamroller. This was a free event in the California desert and was the first Hardcore / Acid / Break core event in the desert. The line up included myself, Acid Enema, Novokain, Baseck, Minion, and a couple of other people if I am not mistaken. All told, I have been playing in the LA area since the mid 90s, and have made appearances on a couple of different KUCI radio programs, as well as playing our own events, Sunday's in the Parks, and some other free outdoor events. It's now 2012, and while back in the day I focused mainly on Hardcore (Party core, Speed Core, etc) and Hard Acid, I have moved along to just playing Techno now, though I do love that 303 sound, so watch out for that as I put stuff out. Hopefully soon I will have some self produced tracks out, and I plan on using everything in my disposal to express myself sonically (this means, vinyl, laptop, and whatever else I have at my disposal).