DJ Flush

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    Nico Deuster
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  • DJ FLUSH is the main man behind KILLEKILL. He mixes chicago jack, booty tracks and electro, distorted no future techno sounds and rather minimal funk - dirty, freaky and often with a big drop of acid.

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  • Thu, 22 May 2014

    Killekill turns six with DJ Spider

    The Berlin party series will get down at Suicide Circus next month.
  • Wed, 1 Aug 2012

    Killekill gears up for Krake 2012

    This year's experimental dance music festival features Lucy, Pole, Ulrich Schnauss, Alex Smoke, Tim Exile and more.
  • Wed, 11 May 2011

    Killekill turn three

    The Berlin label and promoter will celebrate their third anniversary next month with Alex Cortex, Tyree Cooper, Sven Weisemann and more.

Past events

    • Fri, 11 Dec 2020

      Krake Festival 2020 - 10 Years Anniversary

      T. Raumschmiere, Sebastian Bayne, Drumcell, Shed, DJ Flush, Kenny Campbell, Mareena, Chas, Max Durante, DJ Stingray, Alienata, Irakli, Intergalactic Gary, Clouds, Kris Baha, Purita D, MATVRAK, Helena Hauff, ElectroDon, Lazercat, Outer Space, Unit Moebius, Hanno Hinkelbein, Rabih Beaini, Sylvie Maziarz, Milan Hermess, Lucinee, Illnurse, Alba Heidari, Axkan, Mejle, Vlaysin, D. Tiffany, Wes Baggaley, Daniele Paduano, Abyss X, DAMIE (KR), Roza Terenzi, Hang Aoki, Universe of Tang, tamypro, Pasiphae, RAFF, Gamma Intel, The Lady Machine, Kodah, Clara Cuvé, efemme, Aahan, JakoJako, Cosmox, Soyo, Daribone, chukimaandal, Salome, TooMuch, Hakiim, Baby Vulture, Becky Stroke, Nakamo

    RA Pick
    • Sun, 26 Jan 2020

      Griessmuehle - Is This The End?

      Andre Gardeja, Franklin De Costa, Serge, Franz Scala, Esposito, DJ Flush, Diarmaid O Meara, Handmade, Click | Click, Larsson, Wittes, Miriam Schulte, Stojche, Tanith, Millhouse, Subjected, Sam Mole, Cleric, Dan Beaven, Bastus, Philipp Drube, Acierate, Milan Hermess, Nostitz, Karschau, WolleXDP, Gian Marco Ricci, Tham, Prantel, Keepsakes, TMSN, I Hate Models, Killa, Enchanted Rhythms, Oskar Szafraniec, Inhalt der Nacht, Gutter, Frederic., Elissa Suckdog, MSJY, TRAE 22
      Griessmuehle, one of Berlin's most beloved clubs, gathers its close friends and family together for a sweaty, teary, 48-hour send off.

    RA Pick
    • Sat, 23 Nov 2019

      Killekill Pres. DJ Flush's Bday Rave

      Jamie Behan, DJ Flush, Alienata, Myler, Adonis Wolf, Power Suff Girls, Distinctive Jun, Soda Kids, S Ruston, Miley Serious, Viscerale, Scarface, The Empire Line
      Don't miss The Empire Line, Varg2™'s live project with Christian Stadsgaard and Isak Hansen, if you like pure chaos and attitude.