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    Cyril Etienne des Rosaies
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    RA.275 DJ Deep

    A transatlantic trip through house and techno.






  • 15 Jan 2019

    There are more rotaries on the market than ever before, and many top DJs swear by them. So what, if anything, makes them special? Stephen Titmus investigates.

Past events

    • Fri, 16 Oct 2020

      Charivari Worldwide Sweet Sixteen Virtual Festival

      Juan Atkins, Terrence Parker, DJ Deep, Brian Kage, FBK, E Spleece, Jus-Ed, Delano Smith, Rick Wilhite, Reggie Dokes, Doug Gomez, Ari Frank, Jesus Gonsev, Sara Simms, Sherif, Blixaboy, Norm Talley, Eddie Fowlkes, Samone, Grey People, Al Ester, Sinistarr, Mister Joshooa, Kid Enigma, Gene King, Walter Glasshouse, DJ Psycho, Darelectric, Devon James, Yonoid, Soul Goodman, Sundelin, Tevatron, Austen van der Bleek, Blair French, Rimarkable, Merachka, Samantha Francesca, Ash Lauryn, Tylr, Pat Osiris, Bruce Bailey, Matthew Brian, Dee Diggs, Mr. Falcon, Sari Postol, Deeper Waters, sillygirlcarmen, Whyteout, unkwn

    RA Pick
    • Tue, 28 Jul 2020

      The Detroit Electronic Music Conference Online

      Juan Atkins, Terrence Parker, SuperDre, DJ Deep, Brian Kage, DJ Spen, Delano Smith, Rick Wilhite, Reggie Dokes, Doug Gomez, Ari Frank, D-Former, Wask, Sara Simms, DJ Seoul, Claus Bachor, Sherif, John Simmons, Norm Talley, Dan Bain, Eddie Fowlkes, Buzz Goree, Al Ester, Nimbus, Sinistarr, Mister Joshooa, Walter Glasshouse, DJ Minx, Stacey Hale, Pato Salinas, Adia, Mr Drew, DJ Psycho, DJ Dav, Santonio Echols, DJ Snake, Soul Goodman, DJ MoReese, Peter Croce, Austen van der Bleek, Blair French, Rebecca Goldberg, Merachka, Pilar Cote, Ash Lauryn, Joshua Tree, Tylr, Pat Osiris, Bruce Bailey, Deeper Waters, sillygirlcarmen, The AM, Nimbuş
      Whether it's joining a DJ workshop with Recloose, getting stuck into an MPC masterclass with Dez Andres or taking a virtual tour of Detroit's Techno Museum curated by Underground Resistance legend John "Jammin'" Collins, there's a load to learn online at the DEMC this week. And, of course, there's a bucketload of music to check out too.