DJ Brox



  • DJ Brox takes it to heart that he presented as a musician, always and everywhere all the right sound!
    From the year 1995 has started himself a native of Lubeck to play as a DJ at various parties! First he played hard trance, then in 2002 he began Hardstyle, Techno and Tech - House and Electro incorporate into his sets! 2005: Bilal decided just to play techno and electro direction! So he formed an early age Fangrup! In Lübeck and Hamburg! ... 1997: He started with two friends to produced on! 1999: Brought Bilal with his two friends Mesut & Gökhan with support from Gary D. his first single on the market! Then he was booked for many around the globe! And many sales of cds! The Singel came on top of all the compilations of the time. To name a example D-Techno 3, Goliath Compiliation 3, G-Move 2001 to just a few! Then the three friends parted and each went his way! But Bilal was busy with more music! Too right he played so well then even more on the hottest clubs and on the Biggest and best festival parties! Brought to a track and one on the market! 2004: Began his own party to his kingdom to launch the Focus! Riders Cafe in Lübeck! which was also successful from the start! The auser his sound has to offer even more progressive trance and psy trance! 2006: Marco Menichelli he learned to know which part of the live band SUN Project is! 2009: Various Artists produced the two together an album! Because they had common interests in electronic music, they decided a project to put on the world. It consists of two different elements! Namely, electro and psychedelic trance! And that's the good succeeded! The result is a completely different sound to the class of the Progressive Tech-Trance's! The new album "Rock Your Body" at the Edging Trance Label Records Plusquam appear! 2009 - 2010: the two made numerous live appearances on Large open air parties like the Vuuv, Indian Spirit, among other things, and some other arrange the seminars! Gigs: Lübeck Burgtor Events (1995- 1997) X - TREAM, Soltau (Resident) X- VISION- Club (Hannover) RAVEATTECK ROAD HOUSE (Heide) Palladium (Hamburg) Bambu ( Neustadt) P1 (München) LOVE PARADE 2001 (Berlin) Bunker (Berlin) Riders Cafe(Lübeck) GOLIATH 2005 (Schwerin) ALPHA 2005 (Schwerin) AREA 51 (Hamburg) AREA 51 CLUB TOUR Riders (Resident) seit 2005 Focus 2004 - 2011 (Riders Cafe Lübeck) Walpurgisnacht 2005 -2011 (Lübeck) Psyngove Partys (Hamburg) Eishaus (Lübeck) Juice Club (Hamburg) Vuuv 2010 (Putlitz) Zenit (Schwerin) Indian Spirit 2011 USA, Australien, Türkei, Japan, Italien, Spanien, Polen, Österreich, Frankreich as in a few other countries! Musik: Das Effect -Creator Otex - Dancing Devil Dj Brox - Code Brown Dj Brox - Ghost Story ... Dj Brox - 13 Geister Dj Brox - Jimi Sun Dj Brox - Beat Conductor Dj Brox - Masters Advice Dj Brox - All your Dreams (Orginal) Dj Brox - All your Dreams (Daniel Vernunft Rmx) Dj Brox & Marco Menichelli - Basemission Dj Brox & Marco Menichelli - Rock your Body Dj Brox & Marco Menichelli - Submission Dj Brox & MArco Menichelli - Fatbase Dj Brox & Daniel Vernunft - La Bomba Dj Brox & Daniel Vernunft - Shake Dj Brox & Daniel Vernunft - Stuff is Starting Dj Brox & Daniel Vernunft - Hamburg House Dj Brox - Deeprox Dj Brox - Freak to Night Dj Brox - What you See Dj Brox - Rock Baby D jBrox & Menichelli - Sky Dj Brox & Menichelli - Submission Dj Brox & Menichelli - Complete Control Dj Brox & Menichelli - Fat base Dj Brox & Menichelli - Close your Eyes Dj Brox & Menichelli - Snow Dj Brox & Menichelli - By the Way Dj Brox & Menichelli - Rock your Body Dj Brox & Menichelli - In Heaven with You