• The origins of London based DJ & producer Tristan Hallis lie in Australia, where he was raised and cultured amongst some of the most interesting musical phenomena of the 21st century.
    DJ BORING aka Tristan Hallis could be the most ironically named performer today: energetic journeys into forgotten gems and future classics, nothing about what he does is boring. He inhabits a space where throwback trance sits comfortably with old-school house, and Belgium Techno syncs with rolling funk. He meets each mix physically with sweaty, infectious performances that are compelling to watch. In the studio, the producer has honed in on a contemporary sound paying homage to dance music's dense past. Whether its Detroit Techno-inspired or Chicago House layered with obscure Youtube samples, his productions are birthed in hardware and imbued with Hallis' energetic personality - humanity sorely lacking in many productions today. This trait shines through in his new live show where hardware and controllers become a natural extension of his creative self, a conduit through which he presents a fresh take on his music.

    Selected discography

    Morningside - DJ BORING Remix [Little Idiot] Like Water [Ninja Tune] For Tahn [Shall Not Fade] Wasted Years of Pumping Iron [Bobby Donny] Different Dates [Shall Not Fade] Hidden Messages [E-Beamz] Sunday Avenue [Let's Play House] 6 AM Mimosa [Let's Play House] Winona [E-Beamz]