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  • Digi G’Alessio is a project born in 2008 in Florence (IT) – it is a difficult project to catalog, but musically it draws on both hands in afro music in all its forms – the humor that shines through his production is the “common thread “that accompanies..
    Cristiano Crisci, Also Known as Digi G'Alessio, started his musicial career in 1999 playng alto and baritone saxophone. after a few years of apprenticeship in jazz clubs around Tuscany, he began, along with the contrabassist Pierangelo Spitilli and the drummer Lorenzo Nardi a trio named TRIO CANE. in 2002 they recorded the album "era meglio se spendevi i soldi in fumo" (http://soundcloud.com/trio-cane) in 2003 he became interested in electronic music and together with Simone Brillarelli and the graphic designer Jonathan Calugi (http://www.happyloverstown.eu/wordpress/) create A SMILE FOR TIMBUCTU. (http://asmilefortimbuctu.bandcamp.com/) In 2004 they produced their first EP released by London label Audio Aubergine: Manuele Atzeni EP (http://asmilefortimbuctu.bandcamp.com/album/aub-020-manuele-atzeni-ep) then, after 2 years of gigs around europe, in 2006 they realized (always with the same label) Our Disco Disastro (http://asmilefortimbuctu.bandcamp.com/album/aub-037-our-disco-disastro) an album that includes a very broad graphic concept involving the group to experience artistic performances and interactive workshops with their audience. (http://www.myspace.com/xasmilefortimbuctux/photos/albums/album/1049642) in 2007 they are hired by the New York label kazoomzoom to create an album intended for an audience of children, so they produce "our corto discorso" (http://www.kazoomzoom.com/music/kzz004) In 2008 he started his solo project Digi G'Alessio (http://flavors.me/digigalessio) from his first demo to date, "crtrtr" has produced over 20 albums for various European labels such as: Bedroom research, Phonocake, Ideology, Plynt, Signora Franca, QuantumBit and Pitjamajusto. Having played big festivals as: Meet in Town (roma), Satta Outside (Lituania), Mi Ami (Milano), Fabbrica Europa (Firenze), Elettronica Solare (Pescara) and after having shared the stage with big names like: Primal Scream, Cocorosie, Lamb, Appart, the gaslamp killer, machinedrum, Ghost Poet, Modeselektor, Kode9, Gold Panda, Blawan, Lone, Funkinheaven and many more 2012 is undoubtedly the most luckiest year for digi g'alessio He produced an ep for Lucky Beard Rec, which led him to be played on BBC1 and MTV LiveVideos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjqa38k5vxs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A0ZMV9ig3E&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnrNV2XHBGg&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NISomPBAunI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESV9iM7ZELE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HRvoPg-ZYM VideoClips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RezLuOJHD7k https://vimeo.com/10489555 https://vimeo.com/7729437 Press: http://www.storiadellamusica.it/Digi_G_Alessio_-_The_Cinar_Session_%28Bedroom_Research,_2010%29.p0-r4186 http://www.indieforbunnies.com/2011/07/08/intervista-con-digi-galessio/ http://www.sentireascoltare.com/artist/5501/digi-galessio.html http://www.canforaaa.com/thewaveinvasion/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=231:lo-streamfest-2011-e-stato-invaso-ecco-i-dettagli&catid=20:blog&Itemid=35 Bookings: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    Selected discography

    2004 - TRIO CANE - era meglio se spendevi i soldi in fumo (demo) (http://soundcloud.com/trio-cane) 2005 - A SMILE FOR TIMBUCTU - brum (demo) (http://asmilefortimbuctu.bandcamp.com/album/brum-lp-homemade-demo) 2006 - A SMILE FOR TIMBUCTU - (AUB020) manuele atzeni EP (AudioAubergine) UK (http://asmilefortimbuctu.bandcamp.com/album/aub-020-manuele-atzeni-ep) 2007 - A SMILE FOR TIMBUCTU - (AUB036) our disco disastro (AudioAubergine) UK (http://asmilefortimbuctu.bandcamp.com/album/aub-037-our-disco-disastro) 2008 - A SMILE FOR TIMBUCTU - (KZZ003) our corto discorso (Kazoomzoom) NYC (http://www.kazoomzoom.com/music/kzz004) 2008 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - 1994 (demo) (http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/album/1994-demo) 2009 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - (PJ025) the rain book (PitjamaJusto) IT (http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/album/pj025-the-rain-book-pitjamajusto) 2009 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - (PHOKE056) love, beats and pina coladas (phonocake) D (http://www.phonocake.org/release.php?release_id=125&lang=2) 2009 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - (ID055) shiny brazils (IdEology) D (http://www.ideology.de/archives/artists000229.php) 2009 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - (QUBIT006) è qui la feta? (quantum bit) IT (http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/album/qubit006-qui-la-feta-quantum-bit-label) 2010 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - (SFR054) l'attentato ai mondiali OST (signora franca) IT (http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/album/sfr054-lattentato-ai-mondiali-original-soundtrack-signora-franca-records) 2010 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - ragnampiza's beats a confronto vol2 (Ragnampiza) IT (http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/album/rgpz002-beat-a-confronto-vol-2-ragnampiza) 2010 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - (BR030) cinar session (Bedroom Research) FR (http://www.bedroomresearch.com/?q=releases%2Fcinar-session) 2011 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (PLYNT006) the yellow book (plynt) B (http://www.plynt.be/__DIGI_GALESSIO.html) 2011 - COLOSSIUS AND DIGI (FreshyO!008) EP telefono casa (Fresh yO!) IT (http://freshyolabel.com/2011/digi-galessio-colossius/) 2011 - TES.LA - (FREEQ014) dogma maser (Quantum Bit) IT (http://teslafunk.bandcamp.com/album/dogma-maser-ep) 2011 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (BR033) - disco zambra (Bedroom Research) FR (http://www.bedroomresearch.com/?q=releases%2Fdisco-zambra) 2011 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (PHOKE070) - the brown book (phonocake) D (http://www.phonocake.org/release.php?release_id=146&lang=2) 2011 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (PHOKE707) - the brown book 7" vinyl record (phonocake) D (http://www.phonocake.org/release.php?lang=2&release_id=172) 2011 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (FRESHYO!012) - DOGMA7 (freshyO!) IT (http://freshyolabel.com/2011/digi-galessio-dogma7/) 2011 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (BR036) - Oh SP days! (beat tape) (bedroom research) FR (http://www.bedroomresearch.com/?q=releases%2Foh-sp-days) 2011 - AAVV (PHOKE076) - The Brown Book (the remixes) (phonocake) D (http://www.phonocake.org/release.php?release_id=179&lang=2) 2012 - UXO vs DIGI - (PLYNT010) - uxo vs digi (plynt) B (http://plynt.be/__UXO_GALESSIO.html) 2012 - COLOSSIUS AND DIGI - (BR035) - Danse avec les loops (bedroom research) FR (http://www.bedroomresearch.com/?q=releases%2Fdanse-avec-les-loops) 2012 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (LB008) - Lucky Bald EP (Lucky Beard Rec) CH (http://www.junodownload.com/products/lucky-bald-ep/1928840-02/) 2012 - 5Y5 - 5Y5 (BR040) (Bedroom Research) FR (http://www.bedroomresearch.com/?q=releases%2F5y5) 2012 - 5Y5 - Cecyna (single) (QS/VS 005) (Queenspectra) IT (http://queenspectra.bandcamp.com/album/qs-vs5) 2012 - DIGI G'ALESSIO (AOU009) - the purple book (Aou Caoutchou) B (http://caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/the-purple-book) 2012 - 5Y5 (QSVS5) - cecyna (queenspectra) IT (http://queenspectra.bandcamp.com/album/qs-vs5) 2012 - 5Y5 - Barefoot EP (queenspectra) IT ((http://queenspectra.bandcamp.com/album) 2012 - COLOSSIUS and DIGI - Africa EP (queenspectra) IT (http://queenspectra.bandcamp.com/album/afrika-ep) 2012 - KDG (kappah and digi g'alessio) - KDG (BR043) (bedroomresearch) FR (http://www.bedroomresearch.com/label-catalogue/K/34-kdg/44-kdg.html) 2012 - DIGI G'ALESSIO - Cirque de Poche (SOSLP044) (Sostanze Records) IT (http://records.sostanze.it/release/72/cirque-de-poche) LABELS: Lucky Beard Rec (IT) Bedroom Research (F) Phonocake (D) Plynt (B) Aou Caoutchouc (B) Signora Franca (IT) Quantum Bit (IT) FreshYo! (IT) Sostanze Records (IT) IdEology (D) Pitjamajusto (IT)