Devereaux 85



  • Devereaux 85 is a Dutch dj and founder of the “1984 Night at the Arcade” club nights in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Inspired and influenced by electronic dance music of the late 70’s and early 80's. Devereaux 85 takes you on a musical journey through time. Mixing electronic music from the past, present and future. Devereaux 85 has a soft spot for analog synthesizers, samplers, sequencers and drum machines used in the 80's. Music created with these machines can often be heard during his dj sets, making it his signature sound. In 2016 during Amsterdam Dance Event, Devereaux 85 started "1984 Night at the Arcade". An 80's aesthetic club night with the emphasis on blending the original italo, disco and wave from the 80's, with todays electronic music inspired and influenced by that era. For the first edition, music producers Timecop1983, Sunglasses Kid, College and Maethelvin of the Valerie Collective were invited to perform at 1984 Night at the Arcade. The night was received positively. Wich motivated Devereaux 85 to continue organizing these club nights regularly in Amsterdam.