Deniz Kurtel



  • Since the release of her first album Music Watching Over Me in 2011, Deniz Kurtel has been effortlessly conquering new sub-genres and rich rhythms with each release.
    Bringing her LED art and her musical talent together, Deniz built an LED stage installation that she programmed to respond to her music for her first album tour. She then developed this technique into a fully interactive LED installation, “The Introspectacular” that she built inside a trailer and drove across the USA for her second album tour The Way We Live in April 2012. She then built a second version of The Introspectacular in Europe, which was picked up by the city of Turin for the Luci D'Artista festival and publicly displayed in eleven districts of the city from November 2013 to January 2014. Currently Deniz Kurtel is working on a new light project to perform alongside her next album.