• Resident @ Wild Family, Feestgedruis, Decadance
    The non-bio of DeeJames. Let’s be clear. This is not a dj-bio. A dj-bio “goes a lil’ sumtin’ like this”: fabulous dj X was born in year X, grew up listening to old records from oldschool artist X and started screwing around with his first Technics SL 1200’s at the age of X. Starting out as a living room-dj, fabulous dj X continued on to being a resident of the infamous home-based X-parties, ending up as a headliner in the superduper X-club… . Bla and bla. This is not a dj-bio of that kind, and that’s a promise. This is a life-story. A life-story, skipping the irrelevant stages of Deejames’ life and starting at the essentials. Here goes. Chapter 1: The Dance-floor. Come on now, you’ve seen him around right? If you haven’t you’re as blind as a bat. Even before ever having touched a record and before going from “James” to “DeeJames” , his legendary appearances in Belgian nightlife have set many dance-floors on fire. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to get your party started, and it is likely that James once did, whether it’s by dancing on a bar (and most likely getting kicked off… to then climb up again), jumping on a dj-booth with a record-sleeve on his bald head, or just forcing you to dance by pushing you onto the floor holding your arms up in the air and waving them around for you. This life-story begins where “James” was born: on a dance-floor, and that’s probably where you met him for the first time. Chapter 2: Adding a Dee. Going off in quest of new ways to bring life to the Belgian club-scene, James coincidentally decided to try and fill another vacancy the electronic music scenery has to offer besides lighting up dance-floors: dj’ing. After a long, profound, and in-depth search for an artist name, he came up with adding a well-considered “Dee” to his name and he started appearing as such on flyers of Ghent-based parties. Guess what, things just magically seemed to work out great for him, people seemed to dig DeeJames as much as they had always digged James. Over the last decade he has continuously been reinventing himself, both on the dance-floor and musically behind decks. Chapter 3: Residencies, friends and family. Through these reinventions, there has always been 1 consistency in DeeJames’ rollercoaster of a life: his unconditional dedication to his party-peers who overtime became his family. It has always been a story of give and take: his enthusiasm and sincerity about his lifestyle and passion have earned him residencies, friendships and partnerships with Belgium’s finest. He is now a resident at club Decadance, Ghent and at the FEESTGEDRUIS, PUSH-IT and WILD FAMILY label parties organized all-over Belgium and even abroad, he plays at Café d’Anvers on a regular basis, he helped putting the now shut-down Make-Up Club in Ghent on the map, ànd he is a much sought-after guest dj at…basically just any party and club on Belgian soil. Partnerships-slash-profound friendships with dj Prinz, Igor Vincente and Sugar Cain helped shape his success and have taken him as far as starring on the infamous Kazantip-festival in the Ukraine. Final chapter: Yeah but what about his style? As promised, this was not a dj-bio so the story will not end with cliché-BS about inspirations, influences and musical styles. It should be clear from the previous chapters in this book of life that there’s just no pigeon-holing DeeJames in one single category. He deservedly hates the question, and his standard-answer is: I’m influenced by all. There you have it, simple and clear. If we must label him, let’s just say he’s a house dj, because that’s the widest, all-embracing label there is to offer. He brings house music with his own twist, or as he puts it: “I’m making circles out of squares, if that makes any sense at all”. Not The End….