Davis (BR)



  • Producer and DJ resident at ODD. Runs the label In Their Feelings.
    If each time finds a way of shaping its artists through the responses they provide to the challenges posed to them, then ours ended up forging a multifarious talent such as Davis' by the very conditions it imposes to the making of art. After all, in times like these, the versatility required to act in several fronts has become not just another creative asset, but an expressive need in itself. In such prims his presence makes itself known in a scene as dynamic as the one we have in São Paulo, within which he strives to put not only hips and feet in motion, but mainly ideas. Be it as part of ODD, an artistic endeavour that helped transform the creative landscape of his hometown, or at the helm of In Their Feelings, a label that continuously reinforces its commitment to innovation and fostering new talent, his efforts come to life through platforms that became central to him and his partners, but also in crucial moment for his peers. All of this is also materialised in tracks where he puts his sensibility to work towards our sensations, elaborating myriad types of grooves that serve to manifold mind states and moods. It is through such intricate rhythmic and harmonic games that he garnered the appreciation of global forces as diverse as Live At Robert Johnson or Innervisions. However, it is right when we see him in the booth that his deepest vocation comes to life, one that led him to rock dancefloors of a variety that ranges from the effervescent intimacy of Robert Johnson to the incandescent fervor of PanoramaBar or fabric, right up to the boiling immensity of festivals such as Dekmantel, Melt and DGTL. These are a few of the many accomplishments that became essential for Davis to be where he is right now, but more importantly, they were paramount for him to bring his vision to life. The same that made itself clear in each stage of his trajectory and always points towards horizons that are as far reaching as long lasting.

    Selected discography

    Davis - Perle [Live at Robert Johnson] Davis - Ewer [In Their Feelings] Davis - Blind feat. Cameo Culture [Innervisions]