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  • David Javate (pronounced ha-VA-tay is a San Francisco based DJ and producer. A veteran DJ from Washington DC and lifelong dance music aficionado, David's love has always been towards the deeper side of house and techno. Evident in his contributions to..
    David Javate (pronounced ha-VA-tay) is a San Francisco based DJ and producer. Brought up on new wave, industrial and acid house, David has always been interested in exploring the grey area between organic and synthetic sounds. As a veteran DJ from Washington DC, David explores deeper genres with a style which acknowledges house and techno’s pioneers while also welcoming today’s innovators. What results is a unique style which strives to be forward thinking yet exposing the timeliness of electronic dance music. Showing the diversity of being able to play during different moods of the night, David always aims to take the listener on a journey and make an audio collage which moves the mind and body. Over the years, David has shared the decks with DJs such as Derrick May, Tim Xavier, Stacey Pullen, Dustin Zahn, John Tejada, Mark Henning, Mike Huckaby, and Kenny Larkin, to name a few. David holds residency at Killswitch, an event focusing on underground techno and house, is a frequent guest at San Francisco techno events and has played at San Francisco's techno standard, [KONTROL], in addition to Portland's Closer Electronic Music Festival. When not DJ-ing, David has been focusing on producing stripped down dub influenced techno as Lost in the Machine with Gynoid Audio producer Patrick Gil. Links: http://www.davidjavate.com http://www.facebook.com/davidjavate http://www.soundcloud.com/davidjavate

    Selected discography

    Lost in the Machine - Hyde Street - Hypnotic Room Dub Series