Dave Wesley



  • Experimental dub techno and ambient producer and DJ from Minneapolis, now based in Porto, Portugal. Founder and owner of Arctic Dub Records (Sursumcorda) and Sursumcorda Recordings labels.
    Dave Wesley is an active producer and DJ from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Dave now lives in Porto. He founded the Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Records and his music style integrates Chill, Dub Techno, Experimental, and Ambient genres. His productions are based on the principles of sacred geometry and tuning. Dave is known for adventurous DJ sets and performs regularly in Portugal and Europe. Dave produces under the names: Dave Wesley, Existente, The Mayhem Lecture Series, and Xerography. He is also a member of The Push with Casey Borchert. You can find Dave and Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) releases at arcticdub.com and soundcloud.com/davewesley

    Selected discography

    http://dewtonerecordings.com/album/lunar-aviary http://arcticdub.bandcamp.com