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  • DJ & producer Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene for a couple of years now. Since the early 90's he was fascinated by the upcoming techno movement, which eventually led to his own active initiation.
    DJ & producer Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene for a couple of years now. Since the early 90's he was fascinated by the upcoming techno movement, which eventually led to his own active initiation. 1995 was the starting point for the then 17 year old. Together with a longtime friend, Dave produced his first tracks and was involved in the organization of underground techno and house partys, constantly trying to spread and push new electronic music. Searching for new electronic sounds every day and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home Berlin, Dave released his first record on Müller Records in 1998. His DJ activities had been highly pushed since that time. In 1999 he became a resident DJ at Tresor/Globus club in Berlin, later on also at the legendary Panorama Bar. Beside his remix productions for Beroshima and Skiebäck he released records on raum...musik., Decore, Lifetime Music and Cadeaux. As Dave is an open minded person who resents musical limits, he doesn’t want to be reduced to one style. His sound simply is the result of different styles that have influenced him throughout the years. "I have a passion for the wide range between house and techno as well as pop music and dancefloor stuff of the early 90's", says Dave. Though he’s elegantly juggling a variety of electronic music to create his own style, in his tracks he often combines tragic melodies with kickin’ grooves that transform your body into a twisting stampede of electricity, with trademark swing and warm funk. The year 2000 can be marked as the first highlight in his career: his debut album "sensory overload“ had been released on Müller Records and there were musical excursions on Cologne’s Television label as well as on the Barcelona based Regular label. Dave is now currently recording for Moodmusic and also on Playhouse (a collaboration with Holger „Smash TV“ Zilske) which brings him even closer to his idea of electronic house tunes. In November 2007 Dave released his second album „Lights and Colours“ on Moodmusic. For Dave DK, music is a model of living in which he’s able to enhance his skills in order to realise his vision of modern electronic club and home entertainment – expect more fantastic music in the very near future. Late 2010 saw the release of Dave’s first Mix CD on Moodmusic called RETAKE ONE. In 2013 Dave has been signed by Kompakt, releasing his first 12“ on the Cologne based imprint in July. His latest Track "Woolloomooloo" got picked by DJ Koze and has been released on his Pampa imprint.

    Selected discography

    DISCOGRAPHY Dave - Nerven (12") Müller Records 1998 Dave - Aquarell EP (12"), Raum Musik 1999 Dave - Der Impuls (12"), Müller Records 1999 Dave - Let Me Entertain You! (12"), Raum Musik 2000 Dave - Feeling (12"), Decore 2000 Dave - Sensory Overload ALBUM (2x12"/CD), Müller Records 2000 Dave - Sunrise (12"), Raum Musik 2001 Dave & Sugar Ray EP (12"), Lifetime Music 2002 Jaxson & DK - Wanted (12"), Cadeaux 2002 DK Berlin - Swing (12"), incl. Tom Clark Remix, Regular 2004 Dave DK - Spin That Wheel (12"), Television Records 2004 Dave DK - Rave Your Mind (12"), incl. Dirt Crew Remix,Television Records 2005 Dave DK - Breakdown (12"), incl. Schaeben & Voss Remix, Television Records 2005 Dave DK - This Is Not A Problem (12"), Moodmusic Limited 2005 Dave DK - Hypnotize (12"), Television Records 2006 Holger Zilske meets Dave DK - Rainshower EP (12"), Playhouse 2006 Dave DK - Okinawa Dance (12"), Moodmusic Limited 2006 Dave DK - Sweet Yellow (12"), Moodmusic 2007 Dave DK - Lights & Colours ALBUM (CD & Digital Album), Moodmusic 2007 Holger Zilske & Dave DK - Detox (12"), Dialect Battle 2008 Dave DK - Volar (12"), incl. Miss Jools, Sascha Funke & Smash TV Remixes, Moodmusic 2008 Dave DK - Cinema Coimbra (12") incl. Ada & Russ Gabriel Remixes, Moodmusic 2009 Holger Zilske & Dave DK feat. Richard Davis - You Will Find Out (12") incl. Kiki Remix, Moodmusic 2009 Holger Zilske, Dave DK & El Txef - Te Guardo Una Tarde Del Sol EP, Factor City 2010 Dave DK - RETAKE ONE - Mix Compilation, Moodmusic 2010 Dave DK - RETAKE ONE 12" Sampler, Moodmusic 2010 Dave DK - Hug For Japan, exclusive track on BPM Vol.3, BPM Japan 2011 Dave DK - Byway, exclusive track on Moodmusic XV, Moodmusic 2011 Dave DK – Palmaille (12“), Kompakt 2013 Dave DK - Woolloomooloo (Split 12"), Pampa 2014 Dave DK – Val Maira, ALBUM (Vinyl, CD, digital), Kompakt 2015 Dave DK - Val Maira Remixe, 12“, Kompakt 2016 Remixes Skiebäck - We Speak Of..., Dave Remix, Raum Musik 1999 Beroshima - Good Morning Berlin, Dave Remix, Müller Records 2001 James Flavour – Pornero, Dave DK’s pimpin’ is easy Remix, Highgrade 2004 Fengari feat. Brotherhood - Tell me - Dave DK Club Mix, Jackfruit/Discomania 2005 Maral Salmassi feat. Ascii Disko - Banana Man, Dave DK Remix, Television Records 2005 Sasse aka Freestyleman – Armored, Dave DK Remix, Moodmusic Limited 2005 Morgan Page - Outside the City, Dave DK Remix, Sugarcane Recordings 2005 Fanclub – Gladiator, Dave DK Paris Remix, Criminal Records 2006 Manukan - Tide B, Dave DK Naha Love Remix, Deka Traxxx 2006 Bengoa - Flow Control, Dave DK Remix, Rhythmetic 2006 Adaptor - The Pilgrims, Dave DK Remix, Moodmusic Limited 2006 Paduraru – Sharing Transparently, Dave DK Remix, Absurd 2006 Pascal Brockly & Mr. Jo – Sun Go, Dave DK Remix, Harmonik 2007 Hannes Teichmann – Jäger, Dave DK Remix, Festplatten 2007 Eltron – Muse, Dave DK Endless Summer Mix, Festplatten 2007 Artifex – Discontinuous Matters, Dave DK Ready Steady Remix, Short Records 2007 Fanclub feat. Preocoop – Maskcatcher, Holger Zilske & Dave DK Remix, Baalsaal 2007 Philippe Autuori – Everlasting Cigarette, Holger Zilske & Dave DK Remix, Dialect Battle 2008 Tigerskin – Non Chalant, Dave DK No Trouble Remix, Absurd 2008 Sven Brede aka Toxic Twin – Miami, Dave DK, KG Beats 2008 Nhar – Please Forget, Dave DK Remix, Time Has Changed 2008 Mastafaktor – There The Wind Blows, Dave DK Remix, Mina 2008 Dave Basek – System Return, Dave DK Remix, Angry Monkey Productions 2008 Seva K. – Far Away, Dave DK Remix, Highway Records 2008 Florian Kruse – The Miracle, Dave DK Magic World Remix, Dieb Audio 2009 Mic Newman – Audio On Loan, Dave DK Remix, Dirt Crew 2009 Alex Danilov – Echo, Dave DK Remix, Denkbar 2009 Wego & Notch – El Swing Virtual, Dave DK & Holger Zilske Swingo Remix, Flumo 2009 Pat Fontes – High Hopes, Dave DK Remix, Don’t Sleep Worldwide 2010 DC Salas – Peru, Dave DK Remix, Doctor Vinyl 2010 Pablo Bolivar – Channel One, Dave DK Remix, Avantroots 2010 Metope, Atlantic, Dave DK Remix, Factor City 2011 Luomo – Good Stuff, Dave DK Remix, Moodmusic 2011 WhoMadeWho – Running Man, Dave DK Mix, Kompakt 2012 Dusty Kid – Jknoussa, Dave DK Remix, Boxer Recordings 2012 Casino Times – Wanna Know, Dave DK Remix, Needwant 2012 Panama – It’s Not Over, Dave DK Remixes, Future Classic 2013 Yoko Duo, Kept On Walking, Dave DK Manchester Super Jam, Fauxpas 2013 SCSI 9 – Un Seul Sourire Pour Nous Deux, Dave DK Remix, Prismat Recordings 2013 Few Nolder & Kurak – Houly Pouly, Dave DK DJ Version, Silence Music 2014 Gui Boratto – Joker, Dave DK Mix, Kompakt 2014 Vincenzo – Just Like Heaven, Dave DK Remix, Anjunadeep 2014 Aaron Ahrends – Casiotone 401, Dave DK Edit, andmusic 2015 Andre Lodemann - Going To The Core, Dave DK Remix, Best Works Records 2016 El-Txef-A - Mugarrirantz feat. Napoka Iria, Dave DK Remix, Forbidden Colours 2016 White Collar Boy - New Year, Dave DK Remix, The Pig’s Ear 2016 The Orb - 4 am Exhale, Dave DK Accelerator Mix, Kompakt 2017 Kyson - A Song About The Future, Dave DK Remix, Anjunadeep 2017 Bufi - El House Es Tu Idioma, Dave DK Remix, Syncopat 2017 Ulrich Schnauss - Illusory Sun, Dave DK Remix, Scripted Realities 2017