Dan Jamkinsun



  • "To be a musician is a possibility and a way to take up dumbly with people. This is the ritual of happiness",­ this point of view gives inimitable contrast and creative latitude to his music.

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Past events

    • Tue, 31 Dec 2019

      Gazgolder nye*2020

      Andrey Pushkarev, Agraba, Sahar Z, Cancelled, Dan Jamkinsun, Alexey Orlov, Denis Korablev, Michael Dop, Tagir, Indigo Minds

    RA Pick
    • Sat, 6 Jul 2019

      Map Festival 2019

      LTJ Bukem, DJ Krush, Bodycode, Polarize, Portable, Dasha Rush, Vincent Lemieux, Anna Haleta, Andrey Pushkarev, Anushka, DVS1, Opuswerk, Eostra, Solar, Unbroken Dub, Maksim, Dan Jamkinsun, Alexey Orlov, Mozhgan, Sofia Rodina, Vladimir Dubyshkin, LowQui, Knigi, RNBWS, GAIKA, Palekh, Catnapp, Michael Dop, ANSV, Flabbergast, Tagir, Finetune, Symbol, Toki Fuko, Indigo Minds, Alex Albrecht, Karolina Bnv
      The Moscow festival has put together an inspiringly eclectic bill, from DJ Krush to LTJ Bukem and DVS1, and takes place at Mutabor, one of the city's best venues.