Daniel Stefanik



  • "To make music, that is when you are in love. It’s just so beautiful. It just makes you so terribly happy.” (Daniel Stefanik)
    More than a decade into Daniel Stefanik's accidental career, and the core of it remains the same: “To make music, that is when you are in love.” The quintessential Stefanik production style is yet to find its limitations. Dub, house, techno and minimal converge, deepness and melancholy encounter maximalist tones, extravagance is steeped in nerdy sound aesthetics, and it's all executed with his unmistakeable style. Love is constant, love is change. Daniel is loyal to his Leipzig roots and its tightknit scene, his long-running DJ residency at the city's Club Distillery, and to his namesake solo sound that spawned a string of releases for labels like Moon Harbour and Cocoon. Yet his growing involvement with Berlin-based Station B3.1 has evolved his studio nous and instinctive musicality towards film and theatre score arrangements, and the 2015 debut of his alter ego DLSK sought out the headiest moments on the after-hours dancefloors. Born in a provincial district near Dresden, Daniel fell for techno in the mid-90s, and once he'd taken a heavy dose of electro, and turned out the debut EP Them People in 2003 with Matthias Tanzmann, there was no turning back. Releases and remixes with that special Stefanik-Feder(feather) followed for Cargo Edition, Freude am Tanzen, Dessous, Mobilee, Cocoon, Growin Music, Kann, Dissonant, and Raum…Musik. The end of 2008 saw a the release of Daniel's critically acclaimed solo album Reactivity on Statik Entertainment, superseded only by the epic follow-up Confidence for Cocoon in 2012. With a range of future-forward projects in the pipeline for 2017 - new music, new album and a Back 2 Back Tour with his best buddy Mathias Kaden, a jazz production that combines modular systems with acoustic instrumentation, and an entire film soundtrack arrangement - Daniel's love story continues to add more and more vital chapters.

    Selected discography

    Album: 2005: Silent Whisper (Instabil) 2008: Reactivity (Statik Entertainment) 2012: Confidence (Cocoon Recordings) 2014: Genesis (Statik Entertainment) Singles & EPs: 2003: Them People (with Matthias Tanzmann, Moon Harbour Recordings) 2005: Extra EP (with Pan-Pot, Mobilee) 2005: Move Me (Moon Harbour Recordings) 2005: The Call (with Matthias Tanzmann, Dessous Recordings) 2005: Like Shrubbery? (with Matthias Tanzmann, Moon Harbour Recordings) 2006: Starless Reshapes (Statik Entertainment) 2006: Window Smasher EP (Cargo Edition) 2006: Starless (Statik Entertainment) 2006: Basic Needs (with Matthias Tanzmann, Moon Harbour Recordings) 2007: Borderline EP (with Sven Tasnadi, Cargo Edition) 2008: The Madcap Laughs EP (Freude am Tanzen) 2009: Stretchcat 00 (Stretchcat) 2009: Two.Zero.Zero.Nine (Oh! Yeah!) 2010: Transmediale (Statik Entertainment) 2010: Powers Of The Deep (Be Chosen) 2010: In Days Of Old Pt.1 (Kann Records) 2011: Dambala Experience (Dambala Experience) 2011: Nocturnal (Cocoon Recordings) 2011: In Days Of Old Pt. 2 (Kann Records) 2011: Ultrascall/If You Lose My Number (Harry Klein Records) 2012: Dambala Experience #2 (Dambala Experience) 2013: In Days Of Old Pt.3 (Kann Records) 2014: Signs (Cocoon Recordings) 2015: Urban Force – The Outer Space Connections (Ornaments) 2015: I Wonder (Cocoon Recordings) 2015: Aftermath EP (Dissonant) 2015: DLSK – Subterraneans EP (Raum Musik) 2016: Volta (with Matthias Tanzmann, Moon Harbour Recordings) 2016: Numbers Part 1 (with Thomas Stieler, Rotary Cocktails Recordings) 2016: DLSK – Can You Get That Together (Growin Music) 2017: Strange in Stereo (Ace Up My Sleeve Records)