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  • Electronic music artist,mentor and curator! Founder Of Secret Jams Records @ http://www.secretjamsrecords.com/
    Founder A/R Secret Jams Records Contact : [email protected] Promos&Remixes&Release Requests: [email protected] EU Bookings: [email protected] Booking: North /Latin America : [email protected] My real name is Daniel iliev and Daniel De Roma as an alias came up from Rome Gladiators and the first releases i had was named A Gladiator,B Gladiator etc I said why not Daniel from Rome or Daniel De Roma in latin.i release under this alias since september 2014.Before i released under Danny L. I am founder and owner of Secret Jams Records established in april 2013! To date we released more than 120 artist from around the world with 185 releases including around 630 tracks for 7 years.Including rooster of various international artists Secret Jams is aiming to create one quality trace filled up with originality and excellence in the nova days electronic music scene! I am a fan of electronic music since 1998 that Love Parade in Berlin back then i watched on VIVa Tv recording every second on a VHS with my recorder, as well as i was recording every EU top 20 by MTV.Artists that inspire me back this time was Marusha,Westabam ,Dr Motte,Paul Van Dyk ... I am djing since 2003 i think using first versions of named back then Traktor Studio. I get involved in music production with first DAW i use was Cubase back in 2006 ,then switch to Ableton v7 in 2008 ... My work that i quit 2011 also helped me a lot opening my self to the world i was dj on cruise ships 4 years 2008 -2011.I learned also speaking spanish as well as i speak english since child i guess my affinity is languages, today i speak many my native Bulgarian,Greek,English,Russian Spanish.I have visited many countries also had short dj tour in Mexico 2012 where i am planing to come back next year. My music is deep as well as sloid groove but mainly i love to produce peak hour tracks, like for the most crowded hour of the club night. I like to get santimental a bit too with some vocals but i like to keep the groove always. I am supported by some significant artists such as (Joseph Capriati,Marco Carola,Chasing Kurt, Magillian ,Analog Trip,Sabo(Sol Selectas),Pablo Bolivar,Carlos A,Lorenzo Al Dino,Michel De Hey,Neverdogs ) I have signed to date with labels like Seven Villas by Pablo Bolivar,Kommunity by Evren Ulusoy,Piston recordings by Rogerio Martins,Ole Records Romania,Platform 7even UK, Musica Gourmet Portugal,Haliaeetus Music sub of No Preset recs. Chile by Carlos A and few more. Currently i am in the studio with few projects coming up early in 2020 on my label and others .Keep your ears peeled.Cheers,never give up on your dreams, and have a great 2020.Music on |>

    Selected discography

    Daniel De Roma - Groove Gladiators Vol.1 [SJRS0072] Daniel De Roma - Octagon -Ade Jukebox {SJRS0079] Daniel De Roma - Gang Galore - WMC Groovebox 2015 [SJRS0065] HD Drama EP [Piston Recordings] Inventions EP [OleRecords] Bucharest Chord B EP [Platform 7even] UK Funk That EP [Musica Gourmet] Portugal The Hypnosys EP [Laguna Records]