Daniel dB



  • Soulful & House music DJ & producer since 1992
    From Lausanne, Switzerland and born in the age of disco, Daniel dB was quickly drawn to music. At five years old, he was already singing tonic sol fa and playing the flute. By the age of eight, he had met his first true passion: the guitar. A fan of rock, thanks to that guitar, Daniel was drawn to electronic music’s dance and house energy in 1991. That was the year the mythical “Dancefloor Syndroma” parties were organized by local heroes Djaimin, Mr Mike and DJ Willow. With four of his friends, Daniel dB starting putting on parties of his own and DJing. As the months passed, Daniel was regularly playing in Lausanne’s bars and meeting the musical leaders that would help him find his own special style. Little Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Erick Morillo or Laurent Garnier quickly impressed him both for their track selection and technical prowess. After this apprenticeship, in 1995, his first club opportunity arrived with an evening in the "parloir room" of the world-famous MAD club. He soon became a resident, working the main dancefloor into shape for the world’s best house DJs. Friendships were formed and mutual respect earned as those DJs in turn invited Daniel to play with them around the world, for instance with Charles Schillings at the Rex club in Paris, the club where Garnier introduced France to house. In Europe he has played from Belgium to Spain, from Portugal to Germany and Italy. Daniel dB’s sets can be regularly heard on Swiss radio and at Switzerland’s biggest events. You can check them on Daniel dB's mixcloud. After more than twenty great years and with a solid crowd following him, Daniel dB is undertook some fresh and inspiring challenges: create his own music and begin a new club experience ! Stay tuned...