Damian Lazarus



  • The mysterious allure of musical vibrations can perplex and intrigue in equal amounts at the best of times, not least when the sorcery of a certain Damian Lazarus comes into play. Crosstown Rebels, Day Zero, Get Lost, Rebel Rave, his own DJ and product..
    exponents of the contemporary house and techno scene, but also one of its key tastemakers and pathfinders. As a DJ, his mastery is unsurpassed. A true storyteller, Damian often holds court at those special times of the day when only his kind of DJ sets are required. Moments that demand a soundtrack that not only fits the mood, but elevates the atmosphere and takes the audi-ence to a whole other level of experience. Besides playing at the world’s best clubbing institutions (resident at DC10 in Ibiza for almost 10 years), Damian also specialises in performing beyond the confines of the walls of a club. He is an expert in performing his magic in extraordinary outdoor locations; jungles, beaches, the Robot Heart bus in the Nevada desert, Mayan ruins in Mexico and a whole host of other spellbinding sites around the world. Just one look at the superlative Day Zero event will tell you what Damian’s ethos is when it comes to outdoor exploits. Add to that Get Lost and Rebel Rave, two more events that epitomise his approach to hosting alfresco shows. Damian’s visionary abilities are no more apparent than in the curation of music and his discovery of artists via the seminal label, Crosstown Rebels. During its 12-year lifespan, the label has been responsible for launching the careers of some of our scene’s best-known names; Jamie Jones, Art Department, Maceo Plex, Deniz Kurtel… His A&R skills are second-to-none, in direct correlation with the curation of his DJ sets. It’s his dedica-tion to seeking out unique talents that has helped to make his label one of the most influential outlets of recent times. Crosstown’s sorcerer-in-chief has also applied these same bewildering powers to the de-velopment of his latest collaborative artist project, Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons. Lazarus has been joined at the production controls by James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, Arctic Monkeys, Florence), with album recording sessions recently completed in Mexico. The project brings together a wide assortment of vocalists, collaborators and players from around the world. Taking inspiration from Lazarus's Lazpod series, Get Lost events and Day Zero festival, this is music for deserts, jungles and sunrises. In tandem with the album project, Damian has also conceived a live show, with assorted cast of musicians who will perform live alongside the chief wizard himself. Damian Lazarus And The Ancient Moons will be hitting the road soon, bringing a whole new dimension to festival stages and intriguing outdoor locations. Throughout a career spanning many years Damian Lazarus has worked tirelessly to main-tain a constant flow of creativity and innovation within the house and techno sphere. Never losing focus, he continues on his mystical pathway to greatness, unleashing his positive spirit on the masses at every opportunity. Open your mind, embrace the magic, and get ready for the next spellbinding chapter…

    Selected discography

    Artist Albums 2015 Message from the Other Side (Crosstown Rebels) 2009 Smoke the Monster Out (Get Physical) Artist Singles 2015 Vermillion (Crosstown Rebels) 2014 Lover's Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) (Crosstown Rebels) 2012 Robot Heart - w Art Department, Blud & Shaun Reeves (No. 19 Music) 2011 Different Now Part 2 (Crosstown Rebels) 2011 Different Now Part 1 (Crosstown Rebels) 2010 Smoke the Monster Out - Club Versions (Get Physical) 2010 Diamond in the Dark (Get Physical) 2009 Neverending (Get Physical) 2009 Moment (Get Physical) DJ Mix Albums 2011 Get Lost IV (Crosstown Rebels) 2010 Fabric 54 (Fabric Records) 2008 Si-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol 2 (Soma) 2007 Monza Club Ibiza Vol 2 (Get Physical) 2006 Get Lost Vol 1 (Crosstown Rebels) 2006 Crosstown Rebels Vol 1 (Crosstown Rebels) 2005 The Other Side of London (Time Out Records) 2005 Suck My Deck (Resist Music) 2005 Rebel Futurism Session 2 (Crosstown Rebels) 2004 Rebel Futurism Session 1 (Crosstown Rebels) 2002 Futurism 2 (City Rockers) 2002 Futurism 1 (City Rockers) 2000 Different Noise (Mind Horizon Recordings) 1998 PM Scientists Drop the Beats (Lacerba) Online Mixes 2015 Essential Mix (BBC Radio One) 2005 Essential Mix (BBC Radio One)