• Berlin-based Curses blends New Wave and Post-Punk with his ghostly vocals and guitars, punctuated with flashes of 80's EBM and New Beat.
    Whether it's performing live at the late Andrew Weatherall's Convenanza Festival, or DJng in the main room at Circoloco DC-10, Curses manages to somehow bring his punk and new wave attitude to all dance floors small and big. Always keeping true to his unique take on the darker side of disco. The debut album from Curses, 'Romantic Fiction' dropped on Jennifer Cardini's Dischi Autunno imprint in October 2018, launching his live act which brings the guitars, vocals and energy of the album to stage as a duo. Curses has released a handful of EP's on labels such as Hoga Nord, Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood, and his own imprint, Ombra International, and known for his live approach to remixes, incorporating  guitars and other instruments. A new album is scheduled for 2021 on Dischi Autunno.

    Selected discography

    Curses - So Strange EP Wrong Era / Curses - Gold & Silber feat. Perel Dischi Autunno / Curses - Pedal To The Metal And Don't Look Back EP Bordello A Parigi / Curses - Another View SC&P / Curses - Tutto Nudo Throne Of Blood / Curses - Practice Makes Perfekt NEIN Records / Curses - Jetzt Oder Nie EP OFF Recordings / Curses - Come To Me EP Lyase Recordings / Curses - Call The Doctor EP Throne Of Blood /