Continuum Mode



  • Macedonian ambient and psychedelic trance duo
    Syncrosphere is a project by Jovica Jovev aka Microverse (ADX rec ,liquid tune.rec) and Vasko Kosturski aka Sceletone (ResonantEarth rec, ADX rec). After collaborating in psy parties in Skopje, the two of them decided to go in a totally different direction from their individual styles, and several months later, after perfecting the sound that we wanted, Syncrosphere came to life woahahaha…. The songs here are part of the new release for Digital Drugs Recordsoon, Geomagnetic rec… So enjoy our music, and support us by buying the release. Second Miracle is a miracle .Jovica Jovev is a dj and music producer also from Skopje/Macedonia. He started as a dj in 1999 playing in Skopje’s clubs.In this time he has been very active, also one of the founder’s of ICFS leading org. Participating in several different projects like: MICROVERSE (psytrance/melodic trance) / CONTINUUM MODE (chillout) / OLDBOY (Progressive trance) and on a special collaboration with Zarko Pejkovski called AUTMODE, which is a combination of real instruments and digital software.At the end of 2012 he released his own album for ADX rec, called Illusion of Ourselves, and with that he completed/finished the Microverse project. From then on he is actively working as the other half of the Synchrosphere project, balansing with his regular job as a sound technician!

    Selected discography