Coco Ariaz



  • A fully passionated D.J for more than two decades from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Coco Ariaz has been guest and hosting residences at countless international events in club, festivals & FM/Web radio stations from the early 90's to our actual days..
    Coco Ariaz has been a music lover from a very young age, listening to a vast collection of different music styles & genres. He seriously gets into the music in the days of the old school BreakDance era, where he was one of the dancers at the "Ice Cold Breakers" group, and later turning his BreakDance skills into a DJ skills, followed with his big love for the music such as the early Hip Hop and electro breaks sounds. After this time, he starts playing music professionally at various nightclubs in the Canary Islands (Spain), when the early Chicago House dance music sounds arrive and soon after the Acid House dance music sounds era was just starting to hit the global underground dance scene. In the early 1990s, he was already playing the new Breakbeat Hardcore sound at the biggest rave events and nightclub parties in his own hometown, Tenerife (Spain), playing alongside with some of the biggest DJ's and producers from that time such as DJ Randall, Joey Beltram, Mr C, Simon Bassline Smith, DJ Swan E, New Class A, Bug Khan & the Plastic Jam, Darren Jay and many more. 1993 was the year when he open his first electronic underground sounds FM Radio Station in Tenerife (Universal Grooves FM 105.0), with a daily showcase of local & UK DJ talents and at the same time also opening his first own nightclub "Club K2" creating a revolution on the electronic dance scene in Tenerife, plus a new school generation of great new DJs that last until today. Moving from the Break Beat Hardcore scene sounds and going back to his roots of House music, Coco Ariaz introduce to the audiences there, the new House Music sounds through his daily radio broadcast program. At the same time, he keeps playing music and producing high profile big events around the island of Tenerife, (Spain). D.J Coco Ariaz is a truly professional & international skilled D.J. He has been the person who has push the music scene forward from the early 90s in his hometown Tenerife (Spain) and a super energetic DJ that brings the clubbers to the highest levels of satisfaction worldwide in every played set. In the year 1997, he opens his second FM radio Station (Radio Universal FM 105.5), showcasing talented Local/international DJ's and producing several Dance events across the Island of Tenerife. At the year 2003, he move to Ibiza (Spain) and starts a DJ residency at Tantra Beach Bar, plus playing music in many other events such as, beach bars, Boat parties and various events. Club Pacha London owner describes Coco Ariaz as "The best DJ & music he hear during the Ibiza closings of 2003" In 2004, he was already an official resident D.J in Club, radio & various events across Ibiza, holding the official D.J residence at Club Somny & Club Love Ibiza. At Flaix F.M 105.0 he holds a radio mix session program every Friday from June to August 2005. Coco Ariaz has been guest DJ in Ibiza at: Club Es Paradis, Club Lolas, Ibiza Global Radio F.M 97,6, Balearic People boat Pre-party (Club Privilege), Base Bar & Sol Post. Also he had share D.J box also with some of the big names in the music industry in Europe such as: Chris Liebing, Tom Novy, D.J Pippi, Graham Sahara, Oscar Colorado, D.J Igor Marijuan, Tom Neville..just to mention some of them. During the year 2005, he also produce the world tour event in the capital city of Tenerife "Bora Bora Ibiza world tour 2005" in one of the finest locations of the city at the "Club Kyoto" with a massive response from the public there and a full house. After that, he fly from Ibiza to Shanghai (China), selected to be the official main room resident D.J at Club Space Ibiza in Shanghai and from that time he will be touring hundreds of cities in China, always headlining his own "COCO ARIAZ ::: "Electro Gravity" & "GLOBAL Tours" in ten world tours across China, Vietnam, Spain, Finland, The Caribbean, Brazil, Russia and several cities of Europe. Coco Ariaz also has been resident DJ for various nightclubs in China. He is always sponsored by high class brands such as: Johnnie Walker Black Label, Smirnoff Renaissance China Tour (UK) events, Chivas Regal, Hennesy VSOP, Remy Martin, 007 Casino Royale China tour 2006 & 2007, 007 - Quantum of Solace première event party official D.J and his D.J booking agency :: Class Concept International Agency:: His music styles are focused in the House music scene and are the most advanced in Tech House, Future House, Techno & Electro sounds. D.J Coco Ariaz has been ranked at the most famous online D.J database as: 2007 : World rank nº 26 - Ibiza rank nº 1 - Spain rank nº 1 - World electro house D.J nº 3 2008 : World rank nº 28 - Ibiza rank nº 1 - Spain rank nº 1 - World electro house D.J nº 3 2009 : World rank nº 28 - Ibiza rank nº 1 - Spain rank nº 1 - World electro house D.J nº 3 2010 : World Rank nº 29 - Ibiza rank nº 1 - Spain rank nº 2 - World electro House D.J nº 7 2011 : World Rank nº 32 - Ibiza rank nº 1 - Spain rank nº 5 - World electro House D.J nº 4 2012 : World Rank nº 27 - Ibiza rank nº 1 - Spain rank nº 3 - World electro House D.J nº 2 From 2011 to this day, Coco Ariaz has release five DJ Mix album compilations for the Swedish Recording label group Substream/Clubstream records and the album number six will be released on the first quarter of 2016, plus a series of original releases too.

    Selected discography

    > 2011: Coco Ariaz Presents: Layers of Weird Vol. 1 (Substream Records) > 2011: Coco Ariaz Presents: Layers of Weird Vol. 2 (Substream Records) > 2013: Coco Ariaz Presents: Desequence Vol. 4 (Clubstream Records) > 2013: Coco Ariaz Presents: Desequence Vol. 6 (Clubstream Records) > 2015: Coco Ariaz Presents: Desequence Vol. 8 (Clubstream Records) > 2016: Coco Ariaz Presents: Desequence Vol. 10 (Clubstream Records)