• “Chrissy is one of the best DJs to ever walk the earth and I am just going to keep saying it until everyone agrees with me." —The Blessed Madonna
    “Chrissy is one of the best DJs to ever walk the earth and I am just going to keep saying it until everyone agrees with me.” — The Blessed Madonna “Chrissy is one of my favourite people in music. He's not only extremely talented and a walking talking dance Encyclopedia, he is also someone whose stance I really respect…he actively tries to debunk the gatekeeper mentality that dance music is sadly still haunted by, all with a really constructive approach and positive attitude, truly opening doors for newer blood.” — Violet We live in an age where telling stories has never been more important. Chrissy is a genre-bending DJ/producer with releases on Classic, 17 Steps, Dansu Discs, Super Rhythm Trax, Chiwax, Freerange, Razor N Tape and many more, and he’s just turned in a blistering remix of Little Dragon for Ninja Tune, one of his favourite bands of any era. He specializes in rave-influenced sounds, Chicago house and disco (of course), but his two-decade long career to date has ranged from jungle to footwork to freestyle with gigs at Panorama Bar, Smartbar (where he held a residency from 2015- 2018), and across Europe into his current residency at San Francisco’s oldest and most storied queer club, The Stud. “It’s a gay bar that’s been around since 1978, where Sylvester played his first show! The Pointer Sisters played there when they were starting out and now it’s collectively owned. And then I will play for other crews but I am not a member of them. The history is cool and it feels like the most accepting and diverse nightclub that I have been to. The crowd is always so mixed, in terms of gender expression, race and sexual identity. And economics and age. So you see a diverse group of people parting in one place. And it feels like what we pretend dance music is most of the time. It’s a little closer to that.” Spinning plates is what he does best. “Yes, musical plates,” he agrees. “I like so many different types of music. I had a while when I was making a lot of footwork records and it was stifling to only play one style of music at a show. I wasn’t to be involed in as many types of music as I can and I want an artist trajectory that’s more than one genre of music. I might play New Order or I might play jungle!” Ask him who’s on the collaborative hit list and he takes his time thinking of a suitably rich list. But extremely high on that gold-plated list would be Pet Shop Boys, Patrice Rushen, Roisin Murphy and Kylie Minogue. Smart and articulate, Chrissy is also a well-regarded voice on dance music history—he ran the popular “My Year of Mixtapes” and “My Year of Edits” blogs, posting original genre-focused DJ mixes and disco edits every week for a whole year. He wrote the liner notes for Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986- 1997, and has written about dance music history for RBMA, XLR8R and Electronic Beats. He also runs two house music record labels: The Nite Owl Diner and Cool Ranch. Where did all this come from, we wonder? “I’ve always been that type of person, digging in the record store and finding new things. Growing up I would be in the dollar bin and would connect labels when I didn’t have much money. So even the typesetting that would remind me of a font from Belgium in 1988 would be a connection. And keeping an eye out so I wouldn’t miss a bargain evolved into remembering everything about thus music that I love. It all came out of necessity.” “Sequencing a record is so important,” explains Chrissy on mid morning call from San Francisco. “Shep Pettibone is one of the best arrangers of pop music in the post disco era. To find someone who is a better arranger than him, you’d have to go back to the 1960s.” See, not only is Chrissy (real name Chris XXX) a waking dance music recovery manual, he’s also earned the right to a thousand and one daily observations. And while he’s a humble house music aficionado, he’d be the first to agree. “It’s the way I show how much I care about this stuff. And the music is always interesting but the stories behind the music are just s interesting to me. What label and year a record came out. The font that was used. The production credits: everything.” “I really do pride myself on certain things,” he attests. “What sets me apart are the following. I pride myself on arrangement and song structure that works for a club as well as for Spotify or for the car. Also Francois K: those people influenced and taught me a lot. As for DJing, I pride myself in having the technical side down but also have a narrative throughout the set, whether that’s playing vocal songs where lyrics work with each other or flip from genre to genre.” Chrissy cites Larry Levan (of course) as well as Roy Thode, a DJ from New “who played at Studio 54 and died really young. He’s really good at slick transmissions but also playing a whole set where the vocals build a narrative.” Finally, we can’t stop without discussing one of his most ardent supporters, The Blessed Madonna. “We came up in that Chicago scene together. The bar of talent there is really high and it’s a great place to learn and do the best work that you can do. It was a really cool time and place to be in my early years as an artist. And Smart Bar was a pretty fun place to be a resident, but now I am in San Francisco… and I haven’t looked back. I don’t miss it but it was definitely the right place to move to San Fran. San Francisco, the scene is really strong and there’s been a renaissance here. There are good musicians and venues and the parties are really good. San Francisco has so many good crews and the parties are so well-curated.” With the productions of Shep Pettibone providing constant inspiration and the dream of dance music club utopia still on his mind, it’s clear that Chrissy is still on a mission. Come on, let’s WORK.

    Selected discography

    Chrissy - True Stories (12" EP, Super Rhythm Trax, 2019) Chrissy - Resilience (3x12" & digi-LP, Chiwax, 2019) Chrissy - Cool Ranch Vol. 5 (12" EP, Cool Ranch, 2019) Chrissy - Cool Ranch Vol. 4 (12" EP, Cool Ranch, 2018) Chrissy feat. Miles Bonny - "Back In Time" (EP, Classic Music Company, 2018) Chrissy - Cool Ranch Vol. 1, 2, & 3 (12" EPs, Cool Ranch, 2017) Chrissy - Chrissy Edits (12" EP, Street Meat, 2016) Chrissy & Hawley - Chrissy & Hawley (2LP / CD / CS, The Nite Owl Diner, 2016) Chrissy - Hot Dog! (CS, Chi-Steez, 2016) Chrissy - 4 Slices EP (12" EP, Chi-Steez, 2016) Chrissy & Hawley - The Photobooth (12" EP, Northside '82, 2016) Chrissy f. Shaun J. Wright - Growl (12" EP, Freerange, 2016) Chrissy f. Miles Bonny - Join Me (EP, Classic, 2016) Chrissy - The Right To Dance With Somebody (12", La Mission, 2015) Chrissy - Chrissy Edits (12" EP, Razor-N-Tape, 2015) Chrissy - Tugboat Edits 5 (12" EP, Tugboat Edits, 2014) Chris E Pants - "1981" (12", File Under Disco, 2014) Chrissy - "Hello?" (12", The Nite Owl Diner, 2014) Chris E Pants - Fallout EP (digi-EP, Hypercolour, 2013) Chrissy Murderbot - "The Original" (12", Shoot Recordings, 2013) Chrissy Murderbot - All Right (digi-EP, Hyperboloid, 2013) Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits ***** (CD, Murder Channel, 2013) Chrissy Murderbot - Friendship (12" EP, Halo Cyan Records, 2012) Chrissy Murderbot - Women's Studies (2LP / CD, Planet Mu, 2011) Chrissy Murderbot - Sleazetone Party Trax (12" EP, Sleazetone Records, 2010) Chrissy Murderbot - Chrissy Murderbot (2LP / CD, Sleazetone Records, 2009) Murderbot - My Streets (12” EP, Dead Homies Recordings, 2007) Murderbot - “Fi You” (12", Mashit, 2005)