Chris Page



  • Techno DJ and Producer from South West London. (Affin//Decoy//BCR//Gynoid//Translucent//Shapeless)
    Chris Page is a London based DJ and music producer. He spent many years learning the art of mixing vinyl on crusty old turntables, slowly expanding and upgrading his set up when money would allow. Nights we're spent listening to the mixtures of the DJ's he looked up to. Weekends we're spent hopping from bar to club in order to soak up the music and land gigs. Success came and sets came at nightclubs such as Ministry of Sound, SE1 and Turnmills. After a while, a desire to make his own mark emerged, and steps were taken towards starting to produce music. Years we're spent toiling away creating all manor of strange and abstract music. However in 2010 things shifted up a gear and the output from Chris's studio became more prolific. By early 2011 his first EP has been signed to Stuttgart based Fassade Recordings. The ball was rolling now and it wasn't long before Affin signed his 2nd EP 'Busker'. This EP grabbed the attention of Joe Mcgeechan (iFormat) who nurtured a certain sound from Chris, a sound that was right for the BCR label, and 2 more EPs followed. 2012 would see Affin release a 2nd EP from Chris,. One of which was to make a real difference to his profile. The 'Used EP', including a remix from Sweden's Mattias Fridell, charted high on download sites, and pulled positive feedback from many of the worlds leading techno DJ's. The EP proved so popular that it became Affin's first EP to be cut to vinyl. More releases followed on labels such as Gynoid, Translucent, Sonntag Morgen, and Shapeless. With a healthy release schedule behind him, Chris has gained a residency at London's VOID night, where he has supported artists such as Tommy Four Seven, Perc, Phase, and Ben Klock. He also is one half of Kontrol Room, an innovative DJ/Live set up he performs in with Dave Johnys. 2013 is sure to hold much more for Chris. With many remix requests coming in, and his own work being remixed by some high ranking names for future release on Rebekahs new 'Decoy' label, his profile is set to rise even higher. 

    Selected discography

    Rotar EP (Sonntag Morgen) 1). Freighter 2). Sudden Fade 3). Three Handed Soldior Drive Train EP (Affin) 1). Derailleur 2). Derailleur (Rebekah Remix) 3). Shifter 4). Cassette Genuine Faux EP (Shapeless) 1). Copper Pipe 2). Copper Pipe (Thomas Hessler Remix) 3). Four Thousand Suns 4). Shunt Medicinal EP (Translucent) 1). Macrogol 2). Macrogol (ad.lib Remix) 3). Sentient 4). Eleventh District I Am Still EP (Gynoid) 1). Negative 2). Empty Hourglass 3). I Am Still 4). I Am Still (Damien Schneider Remix) Used EP (Affin) 1). Used 2). Used (Mattias Fridell Remix) 3). Tattoo Red Series (2) (Gynoid Audio) Chris Page - Nothing Left To Burn Süchtige EP (Backwater Community Records) 1). Süchtige 2). Ferseher Busker EP (Affin) 1). Busker 2). Busker (Roberto Remix) 3). Myi5 "Fresh Taste" (Bulletdodge Records) feat. Chris Page - Create A Moment Sanity Clause EP (Fassade Records) 1). Sanity Clause 2). Typical Random Average 3). Formalda http:///