Chris Avantgarde



  • Chris Avantgarde
    In a world where artists are often asked to pick their side and stick to it, Chris Avantgarde has proven a welcomingly stubborn exception. 

Based in London, his bold mantra has offered itself to the formation of VNTGRD – a creative collective, record label and publishing house focusing on conceptual electronic music releases. A classically trained jazz pianist turned rule-breaking production prodigy, the German talent’s musical output speaks to taste buds across the electronic music spectrum, using consistent quality as its only predictable merit along the way. This versatile and unorthodox approach has made releases with labels including Interscope Records, Size Records and Dirtybird, such as official remixes for The Prodigy and more an unprecedented possibility, garnering tastemaker support from a large variety of acts across the genre-board. Beyond the original releases he has established a name in the world of sync and trailers with commissions landed for companies like xBox, Playstation Virgin EMI & others. With a sharp eye for new and outstanding talent and no shortage of personal contributions to the imprint, both Chris Avantgarde and VNTGRD dare to evolve with the times whilst keeping the creative stamina ticking within the electronic space. Chris represents a breed of talent with the freedom to do what he wants within music, giving the modern industry a fearless new frontrunner to keep tabs on.