Carlos Chravez



  • Booking Agent: Sophia Kräge Handy: +49 157 32488056 E-Mail: [email protected]
    Biography: Was born 08 of September. Carlos grew up listening to artists like Depeche Mode, Hell and Vitalic. He follow his heart and his love for the music. To gain his musical and personal horizon he moved to Berlin in 2006. He started his career as producer in 2012 after some years as Dj. His working for italian labels like "MENNYFASANORECORDS" with artists like Carlo Cavalli, Roby Star, Miracoda. He played at clubs like Tresor Club Berlin, M.I.K.Z. Club Berlin, Magdalena Club Berlin, Kamea Club Frankfurt and many more. Carlos Chravez is a very talented musician, this is reflecting in his productions, arrangements & sets. Played at: Tresor (Berlin) Magdalena (Berlin) M.I.K.Z. (Berlin) Mädcheninternat (Berlin) Kamea Club (Frankfurt/Oder) ZMF (Berlin) Kino International (Berlin) Acapulco Club (Bochum) Licht Park (Berlin) Bakuda Klub (Dortmund) Brunnen70 (Berlin) R19 Club (Berlin) Dj Radio2000/Radio Hagen (Hagen) Elektrogrill (Paradise FM, Berlin) Chili Dance Club (Bochum) Club Neukalen (Neukalen) Eule.Bar (Demmin) Fate Club (Berlin) KKH (Waren) Labor (Torgelow) Nature One (Raketenbasis Pydna, Kastellaun/Hunsrück) Paradise FM (DJ Radio, Berlin) Ruderclub Mitte (Berlin) Royal (Priborn) Stargate Club (Bochum) Schiene (Teterow) Techno-Summer-Bash (Sonthofen) To-Club (Malchow) Untergrund On Air (Radio, Dortmund) X-Club (Dortmund) and more... Labels: Round n Round, MENNYFASANORECORDS Promo Mix: DJ Mixes: PLATTENTASCHE Series: Plattentasche 3 Plattentasche 4 Out now: Label MENNYFASANORECORDS CARLOS CHRAVEZ - THE MISSION (Release Date 2012-05-03 Katalog # MFR016) Label MENNYFASANORECORDS MENNY FASANO - BLOWJOB (CARLOS CHRAVEZ REMIX) (Release Date 2012-06-05 Katalog # MFR018)
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