Carl Falk



  • Techno dj & producer from Stockholm, Sweden.
    Carl Falk developed his musical interests early by attending elementary school in Adolf Fredriks School of Music and he started experimenting with electronic music in the mid-90s. Back then most of it was acid techno but Carl fell in love with tough drum-driven techno during a year in London where he worked as a bartender. A couple of years later while Carl was studying to become an information system analyst he took up his old hobby; producing music. This time around it was all about looped-up club techno. The first result was the acclaimed Multitude EP, which became a crossover hit and was played by Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Cave, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch and many more. Since Carl was still in school, he wasn’t really able to take advantage of the success. After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Information System Science, Carl Falk could focus on his passion for producing music and DJ:ing full time. He sent a demo to Hertz (aka Pierre Jerksten), who was at the time forming a new label called HzTrax. Carl premiered the label with the EP “Pish Posh” and the record was a big success, filling the void from the wave of minimal techno at the time. Since then he has kept releasing his trademarked tough techno beats aimed at the dance floor. His unparalleled productivity has resulted in numerous EP:s including the successful Entry EP, the Pirate Audio 008 Trilogy and remixes for artists like Cave and Dejan Milicevic. Carl’s recent work has gained the interest from various DJs from around the world including, Paul Van Dyk, Felix Kröcher, François K, Marko Nastic, Paul Mac, Mark Williams, DJ Murphy, Jon Rundell, Boriqua Tribez and many more. The main trademark in Carl Falk’s music is his skills and passion for blending percussion from the entire world. DJs love his tracks for the mixability and usefulness that enables the disc jockey to be more creative in the mix, something that Carl showcases well in his three-deck DJ sets all over Europe.