Captain Tea



  • Captain Tea is an electronic musician and Dj. He's a genre bender, who loves to groove out to funk, afrobeat, house, latin, a sprinkling of jazz, and a slice of techno for good measure.
    As a founding member of Boho Baha, Captain Tea has been involved in organizing a number of local music focused events. He’s been a musician since the age of 9 and plays a variety of instruments. After years of shuffling between instruments, Captain Tea found his true musical love in the electronic world, the open capabilities of the computer and the synthesizer have pushed him to experiment more and focus on creation. Captain Tea is constantly finding ways he can use technology to explore new ways to present ideas and experiences to others. His current performance is a hybrid live/dj set that blends live electronic elements with Djing. Captain Tea has released music under his monniker of The Nibblatron for the label Portuguese Label Lovers and Lollypops as part of a remix compilation for The Flamingods. He Is also an RBMA bass camp Alumni.

    Selected discography

    Xipe Tottectron (Nibblatron Remix) - Flamingods on the album "Moon" 2015 out on Lovers and Lollypops